Best LED Dog Collars – Keep Your Dog Safe At Night

Looking for the best-LED dog collars in 2021, then we have a solution for you. If you are taking your dog on a walk at nighttime, I am sure that this is a worry, when it comes to your pet’s visibility and safety. A great option is to consider LED dog collars or light-up dog collars.

Top Picks for Best LED Dog Collars:

1): – Super Bright USB Rechargeable LED Dog Safety Collar:

Best LED Dog Collars

This is a reliable and top-quality LED dog collar that will help to make your dog walking at night that much safer plus is easier to enjoy. It makes your dog that much is easier to spot and helps to prevent accidents.

It is waterproofed and a 120mAh rechargeable Lithium-ION battery.

  • The highest quality F5 SuperBright LED lights which are the brightest available making your dog easier to find in the dark and more visible to motorists and cyclists.
  • Waterproof and good for all-weather conditions.
  • The highest quality collar is made using 100% Nylon webbing with high-tensile stitching.
  • The USB Rechargeable Lithium-ION battery provides unrivaled performance and is more Eco-friendly.
  • EASY TO USE – Single click selection of 3 different modes.
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Some customers had problems with the adjustment of the collar
Best LED Dog Collars


2): PetSol Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable LED Dog Safety Collar:

Best LED Dog Collars

The PetSol Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable LED Dog Safety Collar offers you the highest quality LED dog collar on the market!

If you are looking for a reliable, well-made and top-quality LED collar that will make walking your dog at night safer, easier, and more fun.

This collar is designed to improve your dog walking experience during the dark winter months. It is waterproofed and has a 120mAh rechargeable Lithium-ION battery meaning it will deliver on any occasion.

Your dog will be highly visible meaning it will be much easier to spot in the dark. It will also prevent unwanted injuries due to collisions with runners, cyclists, motorists.  In other words, they will be able to clearly see your dog from a distance.

  • The collar is perfect for any dog because the collar can be cut to size.
  • The highest quality F5 SuperBright LED lights are the brightest available.
  • The collar is easy to clean. No more wet smelly collars.
  • Weatherproof and good in all-weather conditions.
  • Easy to use
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Some customers were not happy with battery life.
Best LED Dog Collars


3): Illumiseen LED Dog Collar – USB Rechargeable – Available in 6 Colours & 6 Sizes:

Best LED Dog Collars

This collar will help to keep your dog safe in the dark because motorists and cyclists will see your pet well in advance with this bright collar.


  • User-friendly, fully adjustable, and comfortable to wear.
  • Easy to attach
  • Rechargeable USB battery giving 5 hours of illumination.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Some customers were unhappy with the charging.
Best LED Dog Collars


4). MASBRILL Light Up Dog Collar, 100% Waterproof Super Bright Dog Flashing Collar:

Best LED Dog Collar

This collar will help to keep your dog safe in the dark or if you are going out for a walk at night. It helps car drivers, walkers joggers, and cyclists to see your pet from far away.  This will help to prevent accidents.

  • Great visibility to keep your dog safe in the darkness and away from potential accidents and dangers.
  • Waterproof and rechargeable
  • Fully adjustable, premium quality, and easy to put on.
  • Easy to use, with 3 different modes
  • 100% Satisfaction 90 days money-back guarantee.
  • Some customers unhappy with the charging
Best LED Dog Collars


5): LaRoo LED Dog Collar – 45CM Flashing LED Dog Collar Rechargeable:

Best LED Dog Collars

This collar can provide your dog with a super flashing light with visibility up to 500 meters. It will help to keep your pet safe and visible to cyclists, car drivers, runners, and other walkers.

Great design that will look great on your dog.

  • The LED glowing dog safety collar is visible up to 500 meters.
  • Adjustable size fits all dogs.
  • Easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Easy to use and operate.
  • Rechargeable battery which is Eco-friendly.
  • Rainproof.
  • Some customers were unhappy with the charging and the quality of the product.
Best LED Dog Collars


Important Things To Consider Before Buying An LED Collar:

Design and Style:

You will find that these types of collars come in various styles. Some will have strips or lights that are on only certain sections of the collar, whereas others have LED strips that surround the collar entirely.

Is It Waterproof:

If it rains where you live, then you must ensure that the product that you buy is waterproof for light rain, as no units will be completely waterproof.

Quality Of The Collar:

They come in various qualities and again it all comes down to the price. You need to purchase a collar that will last a reasonable time and keep in mind that the cheaper units tend to have more problems with the electrical components, which all the collars have.

Battery Life:

Most of the units on sale will use a USB rechargeable battery, which is environment-friendly and also more convenient. Check the specs listed on the relevant sales page.

Important Reasons To Get A LED Dog Collar:

It Keeps Track Of Your Dogs At Night:

Best LED Dog Collars

The collar can let you know where your pet is, especially if he is running on the beach or in a park.

The park might be lit, but your dog could run into bushes and it could be hard to pinpoint where he is. It lessens the worry when you can see the glowing lights.

It Lets Motorists Know:

As a driver and an avid dog lover, I understand both sides, because I know how hard it can be to see a dog if it is darts out into the street. If your dog is a dark color, it only makes things worse.

LED lighted dog collars, make it far easier for drivers to see your dog, and also it can help to prevent accidents.

Can Help You See Where you Are Walking:

If the path you take to walk your dog, is not lit well and you need a light to help illuminate your path, then the collar can only make it safer and help prevent any falls.

Helps You to Pick Up Poo at Night:

We as dog owners, like to be responsible and one of the unavoidable things is picking up any poo. At nighttime, this can be quite awkward, as you will have a lead and light and the LED collar can shed enough light, which in effect can give you an extra hand. Makes this important chore, that much easier.

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15 thoughts on “Best LED Dog Collars – Keep Your Dog Safe At Night”

  1. The LED Dog collars are a great idea and the best ones that you have listed will all definitely help keep my dogs safe at night while we are out walking and letting them run a bit on their own. I had to read through carefully the review you included for each one to decide which might be best for my dogs.

    Of the options that you listed, I liked the Illumiseen LED Dog Collar USB Rechargeable one the best. It has some great features to include a long battery life (5 hours is great from my perspective) and I am sure that this will be perfect for my two doggie friends. Thanks for the reviews and I look forward to getting these on the dogs.  

    • Dave

      So glad you found the information of use.  The long battery life of the  LED Dog Collar USB Rechargeable, is definitely an important feature and benefit in any purchase decision. It has to be right for you and the safety of your dogs.


  2. I have recently had a bad experience but it could have been worse. There were some relatives visiting us here where we live and they had gone away in their car. But when they were a short distance away they realized they had forgotten something and came back to my house and quickly pulled the car up the driveway. 

    It was dark and my dog is becoming deaf and was almost hit by the car. My sister’s husband was embarrassed but he explained that he hardly could see the dog. It wouldn’t have been his fault. I need one of these collars. I really liked the Super Bright USB Rechargeable LED Dog Safety Collar. I’ll take that one!

    • Ann

      Sincere thanks for your story. It highlights perfectly the safety aspect of the collars and the important reason why they are great at night on walks.


  3. This is a great idea, I’ve never thought of getting an LED dog collar. Is there any danger though to the dogs, of possible getting burned by the lighting or and other side effects that could happen from wearing one of these? Thank you for the help, I really want to get one of these for my dog! 

    • Travis

      What a great and important point you highlight. According to my research  LED’S are so low voltage, that there should be safe, as a normal collar.



  4. Wow I love this idea. Now you can walk your pooch at night and not worry about motorists not seeing you. I also love that the batteries are rechargeable as batteries are so expensive nowadays. 

    Also if you let your dog off of the lead to have a run you can keep track of him easily as well as see where to pick up the poop. 

    • Michel

      So glad that you found the information of use. It’s a simple but important idea for us dog owners. So glad that you reminded me of the important part of rechargeable batteries.


  5. Wow, what an excellent review of some LED dog collar products. I didn’t even know that LED collars for dogs existed, but luckily they do. 

    For dogs being out at night sometimes, they do come in handy for safety. You never know what could happen if a dog gets in an accident or something where an LED collar would help avoid those situations.

    Out of the list, my favorite collar is the “Super Bright USB Rechargeable LED Dog Safety Collar”. That seems to be one I would want for the dog my family has. But overall, all of them on the list are excellent. I would consider them as well.

    Thanks for sharing- I enjoyed reading the review!


    • Eric

      So glad that you found the information and content of use. I never really was aware of the great LED dog collar products available. The important part, as you have pointed out, is the safety aspect that they provide for the dog, it’s owner and cars or bikes around.


  6. I’m certain no one likes to go around screaming the name of his/her dog in the middle of the night. That can very quickly feel awkward. An LED collar can quickly solve this. Besides it can also help on-coming vehicles and motorists as you mentioned, to identify your dog. 

    I think the PetSol Ultra Bright USB rechargeable LED dog safety collar is an ideal choice for the job. Thank you for the insight 

    • Rhain

      Love the way you put this – ”  I’m certain no one likes to go around screaming the name of his/her dog in the middle of the night. That can very quickly feel awkward.” I

      I have been there, and I did feel awkward and silly. One of the reasons, besides safety, I put the article together. 


  7. Great review. I have never tried this on my dog but it looks very interesting and nice, this collar could be useful for me and my dog walking at night. But I wonder does this collar affects the dog’s eyes?

    • LED lights are great for dog collars because they are safe when they touch the skin of your dog. They don’t heat up.

      According to my research, they appear to be safe as long as they are not blinking in the eyes of your dog. This is because dogs are far more sensitive than humans, to any flicker produced by LED lights.

      In all cases, where a dog suffers from epilepsy, I would not recommend them.

      I hope this information helps.


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