Day 4 – Have You Ever Feared a Dog


Now, in today’s free video…

Doggy Dan is dealing with a barking dog, although to be honest, that’s only one problem. He’s also a bit aggressive, fearful and an overly protective dog.

In fact the best way to summarize his situation is that he thinks he’s in charge and he’s confused as to what he should be doing. So what I want to share with you is how easy it is to help your dog if they are acting like this…

…Basically once they see you as the pack leader… …and you know how to give your dog a clear, calm message about what you want… …its EASY!

Of course you need to first make sure that they’re looking to YOU for guidance in every situation.

Please enjoy!




Dan, I just want to say how thankful I am that I found your video training. I tried two other dog trainers, and bought 2 DVDs, but Winston was still too aggressive.

Now he’s playful and calm again, and that’s after just 3 days!!!!!!. I feel like your training helped me understand him. Brilliant work, I will recommend to everyone! 

………..…Mike Kerrigan



Fearful, aggressive, barking dogs like this is only one of the many dog and puppy behavioral problems that Dan covers on his video website.

You can also learn more about controlling digging, chewing, jumping up, toileting, separation anxiety… the list goes on and on.

And his method works for ANY AGE and ANY BREED of dog.  So if you want to build the relationship you’ve always wanted with your dog…

…and get YOUR control back……then

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and join Doggy Dan’s membership site for only $1.  But please hurry… …he tells me that membership spaces are filling up fast!



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