Fun Dog Quiz – Are You a Daft Pet Owner

Here is a fun dog quiz called  “Are You a Daft Pet Owner”.  Find out now.

As an owner of three dogs ( all rescue), plus another foster dog, coming in at various times, our home is one that is never dull. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Are you a daft dog owner like me? Find out now by taking the short quiz of 6 questions below.​ Good luck.

[tqb_quiz id=’1656′]


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7 thoughts on “Fun Dog Quiz – Are You a Daft Pet Owner”

  1. What a fun dog quiz. I am a dog owner that is obsessed with my dog, and find myself doing almost everything that was in the quiz. I always greet my dog first, and sign cards with my dogs name. The only thing I don’t do is dress my dog up, mostly because my dog doesn’t like it.

    • Jenny

      Glad you enjoyed the quiz. It’s meant to be a bit of fun for us daft dog owners. 

      I am the same as you.  I do everything except dress the dog.


  2. What a fantastic and fun little quiz, I really enjoyed it. But I want to know what the correct percentages are LOL.

    We have an Irish Wolfhound and a Standard Poodle so both can only sleep on the bed when my other half is on a night shift. Otherwise it’s first in best dressed.

    I don’t buy them presents everytime I’m away, but if I see something I think they would particularly like they get it.

    Thanks for a bit of light hearted fun.

  3. What a fun dog quiz and I’m happy to tell you I did 100 %
    So I feel myself a good dog owner.
    I will do all the things on the first questions but the last one!
    I don’t like people dressing dogs like dolls or babies.
    Dogs are men best friends and we should keep like that, they become part of our family!
    Love your website and love to come to read your articles!!

    • Alejandra

      Well done on getting 100%. I am also like you, I won’t dress up my dogs. Also glad you enjoyed the website.


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