How To Help A Fearful Dog – It’s Distressing To Watch

A lot of rescue dogs exhibit fear and anxiety when they arrive at a new home. You, therefore, want to know how to help your fearful dog, because these types of dogs are nearly always lacking a strong pack leader.

One of the most common things among dog owners is the way that they misunderstand a fearful dog and it’s especially distressing, especially if it’s their own.

You will find in the majority of these cases that the owners are often very gentle and kind and are very protective. It’s therefore important to know how to help your fearful dog.

Imagine This Scenario:

I will try to explain a certain scenario to drive home this point. Just imagine that you are just six years of age and wandering around a dark wood with your little sister. Suddenly in front of you, you hear a strange noise or a person approaching.

How To Help a Fearful Dog

Naturally, you would feel afraid. However, if your mom or dad was with you, everything would be okay. The reason is that you would then, not be in charge of what was happening around you.

Similarly, you are sending a message to the dog, that it is the pack leader, this is why it is feeling fearful and afraid. It just does not want to deal with all this pressure and responsibility. All it wants to do is to get home safe.

It’s unable to process all the necessary decisions it needs to make in our world.

Great Resource:

To help your fearful dog, you must above all become the pack leader. Go now to Doggy Dan’s Doggy website by clicking here.

Here are some important points to take on board, when working with a dog that is fearful.

  • Don’t try to rush the training. It’s important to remember that they can be helped, but they will struggle at the beginning.
  • Ask people not to approach your dog until she has calmed down.
  • If she won’t come to you when called, because she is still fearful, just leave her alone.
  • Please remind your friends to ignore your dog, when first meeting her.
  • A dog training site, which is video-based, is a great way to learn because you can sit back and learn at your own pace. Also, you can replay the videos to cement the training.

The most important part of the training in helping your fearful dog is that you must become the pack leader. You must put this foundation in place, so as you can help your scared dog.

One of the best online training sites around is the Online Dog Trainer. I recommend it because it has worked for me. It has great videos to help you become the pack leader and impart the necessary confidence and messages to help your fearful dog.


Online Dog Trainer



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“Hogan was very AGGRESSIVE with people and kids…

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