How To Stop A Dog From Excessive Barking

Most dog owners are unaware that barking is something that dogs do not have to do in order to feel happy. For how to stop a dog from excessive barking, please read on.

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I love my dogs, but I find a constant “ Yap, yap” can actually drive me crazy.  Most of the time it’s actually a sign of stress or overexcitement. These emotional signs are not good for the overall health and well-being of your dog.

It has to be remembered that a dog that is relaxed and content, does not need to bark.

A Common Type Of Barking:

One common type of barking is when you’re not home. Usually, you would not be aware of this issue until the neighbor calls.

The key to stopping this type of barking is to understand why it is happening. Then you are treating the cause and not the symptom.

You need to see the problem through your dog’s eyes and this is the key. In the pack, there are pack leaders and there are followers Most dog owners forget this. Protecting the pack is the main job of the pack leader.


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Reasons Why:

So when everyone goes to work at the start of the week, the dog is left on its own. It’s naturally distressed because now it has lost its pack.

They, therefore, start barking and calling out for you to come home. In effect, your dog is just doing its job. Have a think about this. If you are a parent with a 4-year-old child, your main job in life is to keep your child safe.

Therefore, you are constantly keeping an eye on him. As long as you know where they are in the home and they are safe, you will feel relaxed. However, if they suddenly, get out of the house and shut the front door, and you are locked in, then what would you do.

You would probably use your phone to get help, but your dog wouldn’t have that option. How about shouting for help. Now that’s exactly what your dog is doing.

You definitely wouldn’t relax, make tea or coffee, knowing that your child was wandering the streets on its own. Therefore, can you now see why your dog barks when you leave home?

Other Behaviours:

How To Stop A Dog From Excessive Barking

In addition, what about the other behaviors such as destruction within the home, chewing, or digging under the fence that happens when you are not around.

These are all symptoms of a dog, that is very distressed and wants you to be at home safe and well. You have to find out how to stop a dog from excessive barking and the reasons why.

So what is the best course of action? Certainly not rewarding your dog, with a bone to chew on.

This is like saying to the parent whose child is wandering the streets. “Here is a box of chocolates and don’t be worrying”

In addition, toys filled with treats will only treat the symptoms not the cause. The solution to the problem is that you need to become the pack leader in your dog’s eyes. This is the proper solution to having a calm and relaxed dog.

Once you do this, the dog will then see that its job is not to protect you. Then you will be able to leave when you want because your dog will be then relaxed.

Anyone can become the pack leader, it is not a complicated process. It can be explained in 2 minutes here. Have a look at Doggy Dan’s website where he explains powerfully how to be the pack leader and to stop your dog from barking when you leave the home.   >>>> Click Here Now <<<<   to view this great website.

Additional Tips:

Here are additional tips that you can use to help become the pack leader and as a result, help stop your dog or dogs from barking.

Give Them Exercise: Before you leave them, give them exercise because a tired dog will relax more easily.

Ensure They Are Fed and Watered: Always ensure that your dog is fed and watered before you leave. All have a safe and warm place.

Pick Up Any Bones: Please ensure that any bones are picked up and put away.

Leave Some Music On:  Consider leaving music on for your dog.

Dog Walkers: Consider bringing in a dog walker to help break up the day.

Leave Calmly: It’s important to leave the house in a calm state. A great tip is to say goodbye 5 minutes before you actually leave.

A popular idea of solving the problem is to bring in another dog. You have to remember that boredom is not the cause of the problem. Please remember, that those same dogs who bark all day when their owners leave the home are the same dogs that quietly lie about the home when their owners are around.

I do hope that you now understand the problem that much better. If you are serious about wanting to get the problem of the barking stopped, then have a look at Doggy Dan’s website. Become the pack leader and this will then solve your problem. To take a look around this amazing site, >>> Click Here Now.<<<

There is a section on the website, called “Separation Anxiety”, which is actually dedicated to stopping this type of barking. It will help you to find out how to stop a dog from excessive barking.


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  1. I never thought about doing exercise with the dog will actually relax, it does have sense into it. Plus the dog protects the owner so well so that why you are pointing out that it will cause them to bark, never thought about it. After all, a dog its a family member and it deserves to be treated and giving attention like a person.

  2. I didn’t know this. This information seems like that it could defo come in handy when or if i decide on getting myself a young pup in the future.
    It definitely makes sense that you should become the dogs pack leader as dogs are essentially domestic wolves in the end of the day. Also, the advice may help a few of my friend out too, who have dogs that bark a bit too much lol.

    • Amhill

      Thank you for taking the time to post. Glad that you found the information of help. Becoming the pack leader for your dog is so important


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