How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing Things |(It’s Expensive)

Knowing how to stop your dog from chewing things, is the first step to enjoying the company of your pet. Naturally, most dogs love to chew, because it’s how they have been coded.

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However, a big problem arises when they randomly chew on anything they find,  therefore becoming destructive around the home.  Puppies, for example, chew when they are teething. Outlined below are some ways to help stop your dog from chewing carelessly.


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When we were just married, our first dog chewed my wife’s brand-new shoes. What an introduction to the world of dogs. However, she turned out to be the most loving dog and a joy to have. We were privileged to have her.

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For the dog, they are attempting to explore their new environment and exercise their growing teeth. Older dogs, on the other hand, chew things to attract their owner’s attention, when they are being ignored or to release pent-up energy, which has built up through lack of exercise or stress.

1): Try and Determine The Cause:

How To Stop Your Dog Chewing

Basically knowing why your dog has developed a chewing habit can really help you to stop it.  If your pet is just a puppy, then the cause is obvious. However,  when it’s an older dog the problem could be psychological.

If you notice that your dog often likes to chew or bark in order to attract your attention,  then deny it the attention.

Directing your energy towards the problem will only encourage the dog to chew more often, in order to attract your attention even more.

Instead, give it your attention only when it does something good like chewing on its toys or going to its bed to catch some sleep when it’s tired.

Separation anxiety is another behavior issue, which could be causing your dog to chew. This occurs if your dog is so used to your company, but when you leave, it resorts to chewing or digging in the ground.

Another cause could be sickness. You may notice that your dog just recently started chewing more often and in addition, it was accompanied by a loss of weight and a lack of interest in playing with other dogs.

In this case, we advise you to consult your vet for advice.



2): Use of Deterrent Sprays In The Training:

dogs will stay away from chewing things, which smell and tastes unpleasant.  The most common deterrent sprays can be found in your local pet store. Sprinkle it on items that you know the dog is likely to chew on.

This includes shoes, baby toys, and cupboards.  Ensure that you use only proven sprays that will not cause harm to your dog.  Always ask for advice from the store before purchasing the item.

3): Protect Your Property To Prevent Accidents:

The first step in stopping a dog from chewing carelessly is to keep things out of their reach. If your dog likes to chew on clothes or shoes, lock them in cupboards or place them on high points within the house.

Try not to confuse your dog during the training period, such as giving him an old shoe to chew on. He will not be able to tell a new one from the old one.

Another way is to supervise your dog when you are not around.  If the behavior is particularly bad, then consider caging him until you return. Also, lock rooms that contain sensitive items.

4): It’s Important To Exercise Your Dog:

How To Stop Your Dog Chewing

A tired dog will not have the energy to keep chewing all the time. Therefore, set aside some time to play or walk with your dog,  especially in the morning when the dog is active, and you are still energetic.

You can also take your pet dog to classes to be trained. This way it will utilize its energy and you and the dog will gain more skills that will be valuable to you.

Additionally, studies have revealed that domestic dogs are highly social creatures and they enjoy the company of people and other dogs. When left alone, they tend to chew or dig in the ground to pass time.

To avoid this, let your dog play with other dogs if they get along well. This will help to discourage bad behavior.

5): The Importance Of Training:

Dog training is important in stopping chewing. Train your dog to only chew on appropriate items, such as dog toys.

You can choose a toy that cannot be swallowed but is ideal for chewing, such as a ball. Shower praises on your dog, when it picks the toy over other items for chewing. This way you will encourage positive behavior.

Secondly, teach your dog to stop chewing forbidden items by taking them away immediately it starts chewing on them. You can also teach the dog,  the ‘STOP IT’ command by firmly saying the words whenever this is required.

Other ways to stop a dog from chewing include setting up a schedule for it to follow every day. Pets especially enjoy set routines. Giving your dog enough space could also help. Male dogs especially are territorial and dislike crowded areas. Give them enough room to roam freely and to enjoy peace of mind.

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