How To Stop Your Dog Digging Your Beautiful Garden

I hope the information below can answer a lot of dog owners’ questions, on how to stop your dog from digging up your beautiful garden. This includes my good friend.  The problem is driving him crazy because it’s destroying his beautiful lawn.

However, from a dog’s viewpoint, it’s a whole different matter. Most importantly, your dog is not doing this habit to wind you up or annoy you.  Dogs are just not like this.

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It’s Just Natural Behavior To Them:

How To Stop Your Dog Digging

They are fun-loving pets and many of them dig just for fun. In the case of pups and younger dogs, they love to explore and investigate.

Whether it’s in sand, mud, or soil, it does not matter, they just want to have a good time.

Possible Reasons For Digging:

Before you start laying the blame on naughty behavior,  make sure you looked at the following reasons listed below.

They Are Too Hot:

It might be just a very hot day and by digging, they are going into the ground that is so much cooler for them and therefore helping them feel more comfortable.

They Are Too Cold:

As above, the reverse is the case. On a very cold day, they could be feeling the cold and are trying to build a sort of shelter, to make them warmer. They are just following their natural instincts in both cases.

They Are Bored:

Not getting enough exercise results in much built-up energy in them and this is the reason for the digging. In this case, an easy remedy would be more exercise.

Fertilizers With An Odor:

One of the more common reasons, for a dog digging holes in a garden or lawn, is that a fertilizer with a particular odor or smell has been sprinkled on the affected area. This apparently can set off some dogs, to dig in a crazy way.

Therefore, once your dog has a safe and comfortable shelter and you have removed any garden products, which have a smell; plus any bones which they might have buried. In addition,  given him the required exercise, but the excessive digging still happens, you then need to try to manage this behavior.

Try a Digging Pit:

It’s important to confine your dog’s digging to one specific area. Create a simple digging pit by digging a hole, then filling the hole with toys. Even better, some of his favorite treats. Believe me, this will get their attention and he will want to try to get involved.

Once he knows that it’s okay to dig in this digging pit, you are basically halfway to success, in dealing with this annoying behavior.

What About The Holes In The Lawn.

How To Stop Your Dog Digging

A good solution is to place a small rock at the bottom of any hole and then wedge it in. Then cover it with some earth.

If your dog begins to dig at a hole again, and it probably will; they will suddenly become stuck when they reach the rock. Most of them will then give up.

However, if the digging persists, lead your dog over to the digging hole or specific area you have allocated and encourage them to dig there.

If they keep returning to the lawn in order to dig, then place them in a timeout. They will soon get the message that it’s not okay to dig in the lawn.

Digging When You Not Around:

One of the major problems that dog owners have, is the digging that happens when they are not at home. This problem is centered around the issue of who is the pack leader in the house.

They are basically digging to get out and try to find you. This problem will not happen when you are at home, because your dog is then relaxed and happy.

Your dog’s job as the perceived pack leader is to protect you from any harm.  Therefore, when you are not around, they become stressed and that is when the digging happens. They can also channel this stress into destructive behavior such as chewing.


You Need To Become The Pack Leader:

Being the pack leader within the home will allow your dog to become relaxed when you are not around. You will also find that other behaviors such as chewing and any separation anxiety will probably disappear, once your dog understands that he is not the pack leader and therefore not in charge.

The only site that I recommend on how to become a pack leader is Doggy Dan’s Online Trainer website. The reason that I recommend, is that it has worked for me in helping to deal with an issue we had with one of the dogs.

It was lunching and barking at other dogs, when out on the lead on a walk.  Naturally, the walks were not enjoyable. We followed the instructions from the videos on the website, plus implemented the 5 Golden Rules. It sorted out the problem, but I have to emphasize that it was not an overnight success. Like anything worthwhile, you have to put in the work.

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Using Doggy Dan’s method is not difficult and above all, is a kind and gentle approach to working with your dog.

The site has also great sections, on how to raise the perfect puppy and deal with any unwanted behaviors that you may be experiencing at this time. Again I fully recommend that you take a look at it.

Whatever issue around digging, that you may be having with your dog, becoming the pack leader within your home will help your dog relax, whether you are at home or away.

You have to win the mind of your dog before implementing the proper training and getting it to work.

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