Dog Training With Treats – Simple Yet So Effective..

Important Secrets that I have learned from one of the best dog trainers online. It will teach you dog training with treats training the proper way. Do you have a dog that only listens when food treats are brought out?  I think most dog owners have had that experience or know of someone who has been through it.

We don’t feel right when it seems that the only way to get your dog to listen, or behave, is to bribe them.  There is good news because it does not have to be that way.

Listed below, are some simple, yet effective methods for dog training using treats.   The only reason, I am recommending Doggy Dan, is that his gentle methods have worked for me.

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No 1): Vary The Size Of The Treat:

Secrets of How To Use Food Dog Treats for Training

Your dog will be far more motivated when the size of the reward or treat is varied. If you give him two smaller dog treats followed by a large one, your pet will love this more.

Most dog owners give their pets the same dog treats day in and day out. They forget that a surprise will mean so much more.

A great analogy is when you buy a ticket for the lottery. You are in anticipation and excited because you might be the one that wins the jackpot this week. If not, then maybe next time. You are holding out for the jackpot.

If you give your dog a fantastic treat occasionally, then they will not forget it in a hurry. You will then have a better-behaved dog as a result, because to them, they have just won the jackpot. Something like a big piece of chicken or sausage would be ideal.

No 2): Several Smaller Treats Are Better Than One Large Special Treat:

The second secret on using treats or dog food to motivate and train your dog follows on from the above. To make it more appealing as a reward, cut it into several pieces and then one after another, feed them into your dog’s mouth. He will feel that all his Christmases have come together as one.

For them, getting several pieces of the treat, instead of the one, will be far more rewarding and they will feel just great about it.

No 3): Not All Treats Are Created Equal:

Just as we dog owners have a preference for certain food or sweets, it’s the same for our dogs. Find what treats or food, they like the best and the training will go that much better and easier.

Your dog will be highly motivated to win the treat it loves, whereas they will be only slightly interested if you are using the same old dry biscuits, they had yesterday and the day before.

No 4): The End Goal:

It’s important to keep in mind that the attraction of dog treats does fade over time. Introduce the treats as a random reward from time to time.

I do hope that you have been helped in training your dog, with the use of food treats. If you have enjoyed the information, then I highly recommend that you take a look at Doggy Dan’s approach to dog training.



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4 thoughts on “Dog Training With Treats – Simple Yet So Effective..”

  1. Thanks for this really interesting read! I suppose it makes sense intuitively that not all dog treats are created equal; I imagine each dog has different preferences and will react better to different styles of treats. Would you recommend to just experiment and try different things to get a feel for which treat your dog prefers the most? 

    The tip you mention about cutting the treat up and giving it to your dog as several small treats rather than one big one is really cool; it makes sense that the dog will enjoy it more when it’s drawn out like this, even though it’s really the same size! Thanks again.

    • Benji

      Sincere thanks for taking the time to post. I am so glad to find that you found the information useful.

      In answer to your question – “Would you recommend to just experiment and try different things to get a feel for which treat your dog prefers the most? ” My answer is “Yes”


  2. Great article,

    Being a dog owner that loves human treats…I can relate. As a family we have Bruce, the human food scrapping French bulldog. He has an array of tricks that all have to do with table food. 

    I haven’t really thought of the idea of rewarding him with smaller portions in order to get him to ween off of real food. This is a great idea that I will be implementing, now!

    • Nic

      Thanks for your lovely post. I loved your description – ” As a family we have Bruce, the human food scrapping French bulldog “. It made me laugh. Thank you.

      Glad you found the information useful


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