Top 10 Dog Training Secrets and Myths Revealed.

Let’s list the top 10 dog training secrets and myths surrounding dog training. With dog training,  there is so much information online, that appears conflicting. What are you to believe?  In this article,  I hope to enlighten you as dog owners and set the record straight.

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1): It Takes Too Much Time:

This is just not true. I know in dog obedience classes, that you can spend hours in classes, sometimes in bad weather which does not help. However, this is old school and when you actually know what you are doing, dog training is actually simple.

For most dogs, this is not required, because they are simple animals. They love their walks and the exercise, but will quite happily sleep for long periods.

2). In The Home, There Is Only One Pack Leader:

In your home, dogs can actually respect every human, if you train them to see them as a pack leader. One of the main myths, is that a dog can only have one master.

dogs will respect those people who actually know what they are doing and do it in a calm and gentle way. A great dog training site, where you can learn how to become a pack leader is Doggy Dan’s training site.

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3). You Must Attend a Puppy School:

Top 10 Dog Training Secrets and Myths Revealed

Many people go to puppy training classes and after a period of weeks, they feel that they have graduated, but in fact, have learned little.

They will have probably learned a few commands such as sit and stay and socialized with a few other puppies.

Unfortunately, most of the important training has been omitted.

4). Quality Dog Training Costs Are Quite Expensive:

Many dog owners will spend a lot of money on training. This can range from puppy schools, obedience classes, agility classes to dog behaviorists. Even after all of this, some owners still have issues with their dog’s behavior,

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More Dog Training Secrets and Myths:


5). Using Only Positive Reinforcement, You Can Train a Dog:

One of the most important aspects of training your dog right is to do it in a gentle and loving way. There is no need to be shouting at them to get your point across.

It’s necessary to step in to correct unwanted behavior. But you have to do far more than just reward good actions with positive reinforcement such as treats.

6). Never use Food Treats:

Top 10 Dog Training Secrets and Myths Revealed.

When used in the correct situation, at the right time and in the right way, the use of treats can be an excellent training tool.

Doggy Dan has excellent training on how to use treats and with over 250 videos in his training program, you can view how effective food treats can be.

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7). You Can’t Teach New Tricks To An Old Dog:

The important rule in dog training is to know how to communicate with your pet properly, after identifying what they need to know.

I know that it’s often easier to train a dog from a young age, but dogs can change at any age. Older dogs are often just waiting for someone to show them a new way to behave or act.

Doggy Dan’s program can show you exactly how to do it right.

8) Dogs That Cause Trouble Are Not Intelligent:

The actual reverse is true. Most dogs that cause trouble are quite intelligent. These types of dogs are the very ones who refuse to give up, because of their intelligence and frustration.

9). Small Breeds Are Easier to Train:

It’s important to know, that the size of your dog, has nothing to do with how well the training will turn out.

Some small dogs are hard to train, whereas some larger breeds are not difficult to train.  You just can’t generalize over dogs, much as you can’t generalize with people.

10). Practice and Hard Work Is All That Is Needed:

The golden rule in dog training is that there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Doing things the wrong way will usually never work, but implementing the right training can have your dog responding, in a very short time period.

If you are the pack leader and understand how to communicate properly to your dog, then your pet will listen. As in life, it’s better to work smart and not hard.

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Always remember that a healthy and happy dog is also a well-trained dog, which can bring great health benefits to a family. We hope that the content concerning dog training secrets and myths above has helped clarify any questions you did have.


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  1. In the past, I always have had dogs, and went with them to puppy training. It’s so important to train your dog, to keep things pleasant for both parties. Back then, you didn’t have this wonderful site online. I just visited Doggy Dan’s Online dog video training. Amazing! I just want to have a dog again. 

    I thought I still did remember the basics of my followed training lessons with my previous dogs, but I see I could use a refreshment course. This is way better than drive 20km to learn all about how to train a dog, and he gives even a 3-days free access!

    Thank you, great introduction video!


    • Loes

      Thank you kindly for your post. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time. 

      Glad you found the information of use


  2. Thanks you so much for your website and all the wonderful information, there is so much more to learn about dog training I have never thought of it.

    I am searching for the last couple of days for some information and was more confused than ever, until today, I came along your site and your article.

    My son and his wife are in the process to receive a puppy anytime soon and they asked me if I could help them to find some information about proper dog training, I will send your website to them.

    I have a question about rescue dogs. I like to get one for myself but not sure if this is the right step. Is there anything in particular I need to know about rescue dogs and their training?

    I hope you can help me with that, thank you 🙂

    • Sylia

      As one who has been involved with rescue dogs for a couple of years, I can just tell you that they are the most loving and amazing animals I have come to know. So forgiving, given the conditions and situations that some of them have come from.

      It is amazing what a bit of patience and love can do for these dogs. All they want is love and security and they will give you in return so much. 

      My advice is to go to your local shelter or dog charity and talk to them about your requirements. All the animals are given a clean bill of health and checked by a vet. The adoption fee goes towards covering these cost. My motto is “adopt, don’t shop”

      I hope that this information has helped you in some way with your question.


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