Training A Puppy To Come When Called – Get To Know The Secrets

If it was just as simple as it sounds. Training a puppy to come when called in the park. They do come and actually sit at your feet.

It’s a lovely dream, because the reality for most owners, is they end up chasing their dogs or pups all over the park. It always looks so funny, as long as the pup or dog is not our own.

In the end, we will just wait until they finally get tired and want to come home with us. Yet, you can train your dog to come every time, provided you know the secrets to doing this right.

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Important Steps:

You just have to remember to follow some logical and simple steps when training your pet, or it can just turn pear-shaped.

One of the most important steps is not to chase your puppy. This sounds too simple. However, so many people do this mistake, when starting out on the dog training path.

When they call their puppy to come and it does not, then they just start to run after them, and naturally, the pup runs the other way. Now instead of training your pup or dog to come, you are now chasing them. This scenario can happen so very quickly.

Important Answers:

There are two answers to the problem now faced by you.

1) Keeping your pet on a long training line, until you can be sure that they will come back to you. However, if you are unsure they will return to you when you call them, then when is the right time to let them off the lead.

2) The best answer is understanding how and when to turn and walk away from your pup. Then call them and know that they will then chase you.

Therefore, when you know the secret on how to do this correctly, you will find that it’s not that hard. The pup comes running to you and there’s no more chasing or screaming at them.

At Doggy Dan’s website, you are shown everything on how to raise the perfect dog. As a matter of fact, he has a video diary of his dog called Moses, from when he was just eight weeks old.

You can follow along and watch how he was properly trained. Transfer the lessons to training your own puppy properly.

The reason that I recommend his site, is that the training has worked for me, in sorting out a problem with one of our dogs, It was barking and lunching at other dogs in the park, whilst we were out walking. Naturally, the walks were not enjoyable.

We implemented the relevant training, put the work in, and over a period, the problem was sorted to our satisfaction. It’s not an overnight fix and you do have to put the work in.



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I finally settled on The Online Dog Trainer…so glad I did! (And so is Salty, our 4-month-old min. schnauzer). Great info and the videos are really helpful. Go ahead and try it; you’ll be so glad you did…Thanks Dan!

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I was skeptical but now Maxi no longer BARKS like crazy at visitors to the house…

We used the method Doggy Dan showed us and we were seriously amazed. She now barks once, we do the technique, and she calms right down and forgets about the people! So, so happy. Thank you, DD.”

Kate Belusso



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