First Aid Supplies For Dogs – Be Prepared For Accidents

Looking for the best first aid supplies for dogs? No matter how much you love your pet and how hard you try to protect them, accidents will happen.

All pet owners should have a basic first aid kit for their pets in their homes to provide the relevant first aid for small injuries. It’s also a good idea to have a small first aid kit kept in your car if they travel with you in the car.

If you are in a hurry, we have also included a table of contents below, so you can see at a glance what this post contains. The first product will only take two to three minutes to read. Be prepared if your dog has a minor accident with this 50-piece first aid kit. 92% of reviewers would recommend this product.

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As always please take them to your vet for a check-up if you think they need it. Some examples are if your dog appears in pain or the injury looks infected. Here are our top picks for essential accessories and necessities for your First Aid Supplies For Dogs. For the full range of pet supplies, please >>>Click Here.<<<


1). Kurgo Pet First Aid Kit:

First Aid Supplies For Dogs

It’s always better to be prepared if and when your dog has a minor accident. Therefore it’s important to possess a basic first aid kit, should an emergency happen. This functional and stylish kit should do the job.

  • Essential durable first aid kit. (50-piece)
  • Oxford 600D fabric with twill tape binding.
  • Zipper mesh compartments.


Actual Review from Owner: – ” It has all the little tools a human first aid kit would have! I absolutely love it and can’t wait to bring it with us on our cabin trip (i hope I don’t ever use it). It’s a must-have for every pet owner.”


From both positive and negative, 93% of reviewers would recommend this product.

Kurgo Pet First Aid Kit is an excellent product that can be used in times of emergency.  Any product which will be used to save lives of the pets will have all the required basic tools to help fight against any unforeseen situation.

A clean swab for cleaning out wounds is very essential as the wound might swell and thus you need something to keep it moist. Bandages should be applied to the wound, when necessary so that they can be kept moist.

The Emergency Blanket is another essential item. This is because the blanket can be used to provide warmth to the animal, which in turn will help in relieving the pain which might be caused by the cold. Furthermore, if there are any open wounds, having this blanket would make the healing process faster.


2). Kurgo RSG Dog First Aid Kit:

First Aid Supplies For Dogs - Kurgo RSG Dog First Aid Kit:

Get prepared for unexpected accidents with this first aid kit for dogs from Kurgo. This essential accessory and emergency kit contain 49 pieces which include cleansing wipes, a first aid guide for pets plus sting relief pads. It will offer peace of mind for pet owners.

  • Offers peace of mind to dog owners.
  • From minor accidents to emergencies.
  • Wearable first aid kit.
  • Add ID clips for a more customized look.

Actual Review from Buyer: – ” I bought this after my pup ripped one of her paw pads and I realized I didn’t have a pet-friendly first aid kit. This kit is amazing! It’s super portable and perfect to throw into my hiking backpack. I love the pet first aid booklet! This is coming everywhere with us!! Kurgo is such a great brand.”


From both positive and negative, 97% of reviewers would recommend this product.

Kurgo RSG Dog First Aid Kit is a versatile product that can help you protect your dog and provide essential first aid for dogs. The unique, patented design of Kurgo RSG Pet Products allows quick and easy installation, easy portability, and expandable shelf life.  It is also very lightweight and is even more compact than many traditional pet safety kits.

The kit includes everything that your dog needs to stay safe and healthy during emergency situations such as allergic reactions, cuts, burns, fractured bones, and fractures of bones or teeth.

In addition, the new Kurgo RSSA dog first aid kit is designed especially to work in any weather and any terrain. Because of its patented, rapid-dry, water-resistant design, the dog CPR kit will not leak or run over when wet.

This is important if your dog gets wet due to rain or other accidents. Even though the design of this first aid kit is specifically for dogs, it also works well for many types of people, such as children and adults. Its color-coordinated, ergonomic design also makes it very comfortable to carry around.


3). Trudell M.edical International AeroDawg Dog Asthma Aerosol Chamber:

First Aid Supplies For Dogs

If your dog suffers from asthma problems, then it’s only right, that you have in your possession any tool that helps give them a better quality of life.  Such a device is this asthma aerosol chamber from Trudell Medical International.

For quick relief, the inhaled medications are delivered straight to your dog’s lungs. The Flu-Vu indicator will confirm that your pet is getting the medication okay.

  •  Will help to treat allergic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, and collapsed trachea with medication prescribed by vets.
  •  Unique Flow-Vu Indicator lets you know that the device is being used properly.
  •  No need to worry about static cling because of the antistatic design.
  •  The medication is released only when your dog is ready by the special low-resistance valve.

Actual Review from Buyer: – ” Highly recommend if your dog/cat will benefit from an inhaler. Easy to use and clean. This is my second one. First one lasted 5 years. Still works, but the small pieces inside got harder to clean. Still have it as my backup. Bailey needs the inhaler steroids for her inflamed airways and this really helps her.”


From both positive and negative, 96% of reviewers would recommend this product. 

For more than a decade, Trudell Medical International has been manufacturing high-quality, medical-grade air purifiers and filters that help improve the quality of life for millions of people with respiratory illnesses, including dogs with asthma.

Made in the United States and manufactured to meet the toughest environmental standards, each Trudell Medical air purifier and filter is engineered to provide maximum protection for your pets while providing peace of mind for you.

When caring for your beloved four-legged family member, it’s important to remember that treating any health conditions early can save you time and money later on. That’s why it’s critical that you’re able to identify any symptoms that your dog is displaying and take the necessary action as quickly as possible.

By using an air purifier or filter on a regular basis, you’ll be able to ensure that he’s getting the best care possible and be able to enjoy all the benefits for dogs with asthma that he absolutely should have.



4). ClotIt Pet First Aid Kit:

dog first aid supplies

This is a great addition to any first aid supplies for dogs.  Be prepared with this pet kit from Clotit, for those accidents which will happen at some time. It comes packaged in a convenient case,  with all that you should need to help patch up your dog.

Included are two 2×2-inch sterile gauze pads, one 2 x 75 stretch gauze, two triple antibiotic gels, two 3-inch cotton-tipped applicators,  two povidone-iodine prep pads,  10 yards of tape, one pair of scissors,  plastic tweezers.

There is one one-oz. bottle of Clotit Powder which is made with all-natural minerals, designed to help stop bleeding by constricting capillaries and vessels within the wounded area.

  • Used for cuts, skin tears, and lacerations.
  • It can also be used during injections, intravenous treatments, and tail docking.
  • The special powder is formulated to clot blood in seconds and is 100% natural.
  • Everything is packaged and contained in a convenient 5×3-3/4×2-inch case.
First Aid Supplies For Dogs

Actual Review from Buyer: – ” I thought it was about time to have a first aid kit on hand for my pets. We have first aid kits for humans, so why not one for the pets. I bought 2, so if I go anywhere with my dogs, I can take one with.”



For anyone that loves their pet, but is often wary of what can happen to them when an emergency arises, ClotIt Pet First Aid Kit is a must-have. It comes with everything you need to help save lives and provide comfort and healing to your pet.

From bandages, first aid cream, bandages, saline solution, tweezers, scissors, and a first-aid tape, this pet kit is designed to be everything you need to quickly and efficiently provide help when you are faced with a medical situation.

If you love your pet and you want to ensure that they live a long and healthy life, then you should always have some form of first aid for pets on hand. These kits come in handy in situations where you are at risk but do not know what exactly to do for your pet.


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5). Vet-Temp Rapid Flexible Digital Pet Thermometer:

dog first aid supplies - vet temp

Recommended by veterinarians, this digital pet thermometer can help to keep track of your pet’s temperature.  It can take your pet’s rectal temperature quickly, which makes it easier for your pet. For accurate results, it has an easy-to-read LCD screen.  I think It’s a great item to add to a basic first aid pet kit in the home.

  • Recommended by veterinarians.
  • In as little as 10 seconds, it can measure your pet’s temperature.
  • Easy-to-read screen for clear and accurate results.
First Aid Supplies For Dogs

Actual Review from Buyer: –   ” Very accurate and easy to use and not expensive. I recommend this for pet use”


From both positive and negative, 75% of reviewers would recommend this product.

Vet Temp digital thermometers are easy to read from a distance, and they come with a special sensor so that the device can tell you if your pet’s temperature has gone beyond the maximum safe limit.  If you have a pet that’s older or more senior in age, you might also consider getting one of these thermometers to take readings of your pet’s temperature at various places in different settings.

These thermometers work well regardless of what environment your pet is kept in. You simply place them in a room with a bit of heat, and they will take their temperature as soon as they are warm enough. They’ll also warn you if the temperature falls below their comfort zone.


6). Remedy+Recovery Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder:

First Aid Supplies For Dogs

With this styptic powder, you can help stop bleeding on your dog which is caused by minor cuts and scrapes. The powder works quickly to help clot the blood on contact.  This product can become an important addition to your dog’s first aid supplies.

  • It helps to stop bleeding caused by  minor scrapes
  • Powder suitable for a variety of pets.
  • Works within seconds by clotting blood on contact.
  • No unnecessary stinging with alcohol-free free formula.
First Aid Supplies For Dogs

Actual Review from Buyer: – ” This is a must have in our pet first aid kit. We keep this on hand for nail trims as well as if one of our pets gets a cut. It aids in bleeding stoppage and I highly recommend having it on hand “just in case” at all times. We have rabbits, chickens, dogs and cats – safe for all”


From both positive and negative, 98% of reviewers would recommend this product.

Stop bleeding in pets by using Remedy and Recovery Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder. It helps your pets’ health by promoting the healthy circulation of blood in the animals’ bodies. It contains natural ingredients that stop bleeding.

It also heals wounds, cuts, and other skin problems. It cleanses the bloodstream of bacteria and toxins and improves digestive and circulatory system functions. The powder is also known to increase energy, vitality, and vigor.


7). Dr. Harvey’s Organic Healing Dog Cream:

First Aid Supplies For Dogs

This Organic Healing Cream includes various healing herbs combined in a base of organic shea butter.  The product is used in pet health issues to help with rashes, itching, and minor skin irritations.

The miracle cream has helped many dogs to heal quickly. Non-toxic and gentle, it can be an important addition to your first kit for your pet in the home.

  • This ointment contains a holistic blend of herbal extracts and organic shea butter.
  • Helps with minor skin irritations, cuts, burns, rashes, and itching.
  • This Gentle formula that works quickly.
  • Completely non-toxic.
First Aid Supplies For Dogs

Actual Review from Buyer: – ” My poor girls feet are so rough. I’ve used a few things but they just didn’t work. I used this 2x and her pads are soft and healed. She also had a scratch on her belly that I applied this cream to and it healed fast.”


From both positive and negative, 80% of reviewers would recommend this product.

Dr. Harvey’s company was started in 1998 and the main product line is natural products meant to improve the health and appearance of your dog’s skin. One of the most common problems that affect both humans and dogs is dry skin.

If you want to treat your dog’s dry skin with a product that is safe and effective, then try Dr. Harvey’s Organic Healing Dog Cream. You can give it to your dog to help them feel better and look better without causing any side effects.



Please remember that in an emergency do not panic.  It will always help to take deep breaths, plus remember that you will be in a better frame of mind to help him.  Use a soft muzzle to prevent your pet from biting you, if it’s frightening.

I do hope that this information has helped you in choosing the best first aid supplies for dogs. As always, in the case of pet accidents, always consult your vet if you are unsure.


Disclaimer: All material on this website is provided for your information only. It may not be construed as medical advice. No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the contents of this information. Instead, readers should consult appropriate health professionals or veterinarians on any matter relating to their pets’ health and well-being. The publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions.

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