Why Do Dogs Pant – It’s Important To Know

Why do dogs pant? Panting is an important part of a dog’s breathing system. When a dog pants, it’s usually because they are too hot. Their body tries to cool down by releasing heat through the mouth which causes them to pant.

When it’s cold outside, dogs might also pant if they are feeling stressed or if their activity level has increased to the point where they need more oxygen than their lungs can provide.

Depending on the time of year, climate, and the environment that your dog is in, you may not need to worry about your dog panting excessively. If you are concerned about your pup’s panting behavior, talk about it with your vet!

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Please find below the common reasons why dogs pant.

They Need To Cool Down:

Unlike us, dogs can’t sweat through their skin to cool down because of their thick fur. While they can sweat a little through their paw pads, the amount this is able to cool them down is limited 

When They Are Stressed:

Dogs may also pant when they’re feeling nervous, anxious or extremely tired. This dog behaviour is most noticeable when a dog is worried about fireworks, or while at the vets.

Dogs who suffer from anxiety will exhibit various types of anxiety panting, such as repetitive yawning, pacing or licking their lips.


Panting is a fairly common side effect of most medications, even when your dog’s body temperature is normal. If you notice that your dog tends to pant excessively while on medication, talk to your vet.

They Are Overweight:

Imagine if you were overweight and trying to breath. Panting becomes a natural response in such a scenario and, in the case of dogs, could be a sign that they are overweight. If you think your dog is carrying excess weight, make an appointment to see your vet. Maintaining their correct weight can prevent arthritis, heart disease and diabetes.

Your Dog Is In Pain:

Dogs are really good at hiding their pain, so sometimes we don’t discover that they’re in pain until much later. Usually, any panting due to pain will be displayed at odd times such as during the night rather than during the day where they should be.




We hope that the information above has helped answered the important question of why do dogs pant? If your dog is panting a lot and exhibits other concerning symptoms, always contact your vet as soon as possible.


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