Why Does My Dog Air Snap At Other Dogs

Why does my dog air snap at other dogs? Air snapping is a behavior in which the dog snaps their jaws and makes a clicking sound. It is often a sign of dominance.

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Air snapping behavior in dogs has been studied by ethologists as well as animal behaviorists, and theories abound on the reason for this unusual canine behavior.

Why Dogs Air Snap:

Dogs air snap to communicate with other dogs. It is usually a sign of aggression, but it can also be used as a form of greeting.

Please read below to find out what other dog owners are saying about this behavior.

According to The American Kennel Club:

they state that if a person or animal is making the dog feel insecure, it may indicate with a snap and if this doesn’t work, they may start biting. It’s also possible this is due to a neurological or behavioral disorder.

Whereas VetStreet claims :

that your dog air snaps when they get restless and snap when they are bored, leading to obsessive-compulsive behavior or the other way around. They also concur that it could be due to a behavioral or neurological disorder.

Having checked The Rover Forum and Quora:

I have found it’s a form of excitement from your dog. It just gets so happy and excited, that it bites the way dogs do when they play. As always if you are unsure of the behavior, then consult your vet. We also always recommend this.

In the Laborador Forum there was a good answer:

A member of the Laborador Forum was saying they always stop playing with their dog bites. She appears like she just gets overly excited sometimes and can’t control herself. However, if this continues to be a problem, they will look into getting social and behavior training so as to nip the problem in the bud.

What is the Term Fly Catching:

Why Does My Dog Air Snap

Some people use the term “fly biting” or “fly catching” to describe dogs who behave as if they are trying to catch an invisible fly.

Some pets may repeatedly catch and release flies. If your pet has this symptom, pet owners should talk to a veterinarian about the signs and what they might mean. The vet can also help find a solution to help relieve the symptoms.




It appears there are several reasons why dogs demonstrate this behavior of air snapping.

A dog air snap is a way for a dog to communicate with other dogs. Dogs will typically do this when they want to get the attention of another dog, or when they want to start playing.

Dogs will also air snap when they are agitated or feeling threatened by another animal. This could be because of a fight, but it can also happen if the other animal is much larger than the dog and it wants to show dominance.

Dogs will also air snap as a reflex response when they are startled by something and their ears go back quickly. This usually happens if you are petting them and then suddenly stop petting them or if you reach out to touch them and then pull your hand away quickly.


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