Why Is My Dog Eating Grass All Of A Sudden

Why is my dog eating grass all of a sudden. Some people believe their dogs eat grass to make themselves sick and relieve themselves of something they ate. Perhaps your pet is feeling a bit off?

Other people think that dogs eat grass when they are looking for nutrients. However, studies have shown that this is not the case.

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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass Infographic:

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass Infographic

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Need To Be Sick:

There is still no conclusive evidence to why dogs eat grass. Some people think that if their dog feels sick, they’ll eat grass to make themselves vomit and therefore feel better. But the theory remains unproven. In fact, dogs vomiting after eating grass is in fact quite rare, with less than 25 percent doing this.

Diet Lacking:

Dogs may eat grass because they don’t get enough nutrients or minerals in their food. The plants in the ground might be filling the void left by the lack of nutrition in their diet.

One theory on why dogs eat grass is to do with their evolutionary path. Dogs used to eat “the whole animal” but can’t anymore. On average these were typically high in plant material which can turn them into herbivores too.

Just Bored:

If your dog is the only one that’s getting any attention and they’re not getting enough mental or physical stimulation, then their tendency to eat grass might just be because of boredom. Chews are good for helping fight boredom between meal times plus a game of fetch with the ball.

Love The Taste:

Dogs may seem like natural scavengers, but they’re descended from wolves who were known for scavenging. The fact that they’re grazing in your garden is because it’s an area for them to do some foraging.


Research has suggested that some dogs may eat grass in order to help flush out any parasites in their intestine. The undigested grass could help the gut by enveloping the parasite with it and carrying it out like it does during digestion.





Ensure there are no fertilizers in the grass they’re munching on to ensure your dog is safe. Also talk to your vet about treatments for protection from lungworm, which your pet will get from snails.

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