Inspirational Christmas Video Quote – At Christmas ..

If you celebrate the festive season,  we do hope that you are enjoying this inspirational  Christmas quote for dog lovers, in video and picture formats.  Also if you are having a tough time in your life, I hope these quotes motivate and uplift you. As always, take care of yourselves and your pets.

Inspirational Christmas Video Quote For Dog Lovers:

At Christmas, all roads lead home. - Marjorie Holmes

At Christmas, all roads lead home. – Marjorie Holmes

Marjorie Holmes: – Marjorie Holmes: She was an American columnist who was born in Storm Lake, Iowa. She was an author of over 134 books,  many of which were best sellers.


May I wish you a great Christmas, above all, surrounded by those that you love.


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6 thoughts on “Inspirational Christmas Video Quote – At Christmas ..”

  1. You made my day! 😊 I love dogs and your inspirational Christmas quote warmed my heart.

    I say that all the roads always lead back to my dog… 😉

    I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, full of dog kisses and quality times spend with your favorite paw friend!

    • Katja

      Glad that the content made your day and warmed your heart. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

      Also love this – ” I say that all the roads always lead back to my dog…” Thank you, because it made me smile.


  2. I do believe that line, that all roads lead home at Christmas. Big holiday events like Christmas are what always brought my family together, even when times were tough and rifts had formed between us.

    And to add one more thing: The pets were also an essential part of the family that held us together like glue. Our dogs would be excited to see each other too, often reminding us that family is much more than we originally understood.

    From one dog lover to another, cheers and have a great Christmas!

    • From one avid dog lover to another, sincere thanks for your Christmas greetings. Deeply appreciated.

      Also, thanks for the important reminder – ” The pets were also an essential part of the family that held us together like glue. ” I totally agree with you.


  3. Hi, David.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful video quotes for our baby puppies on Christmas. It is so true that at Christmas all roads lead to our home and the thought of that little puppy awaiting at the main door for me fill my heart with joy and eagerness. His smiling face motivates me to cancel all my plans and reach home as early as possible.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Gaurav

      It’s so true. A puppy can melt most hearts. So glad that you enjoyed the content, especially around this festive period.


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