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We hope that you will enjoy this Christmas motivational quote, in video and picture quotes. In addition, we also love doses of inspiration.   The world always seems nicer around Christmas and that’s why we just love the festive season.

One of my all-time favorite Christmas films, along with a lot of my friends is called “It’s a Wonderful Life!” starring James Steward and Donna Reed. It’s now an essential film to watch at Christmas.

The story revolves around a person called George Bailey who lives in a small town called Bedford Falls. His life becomes so desperate that he is considering taking his own life.  He has made sacrifices throughout his life, kept the family together, and protected the family-run business from a greedy banker.

As he prepares to jump from the bridge, his guardian angel shows him, what life would have been like if he had never lived. He had stated that life for everyone that he knew and loved, would have been better if he had not been born.  It’s such an uplifting and captivating story for all of us.

One of the best dog Christmas movies I have seen is called ” 12 Dog Days Till Christmas ” It’s about dogs and it’s based around a rescue shelter.  It’s about a troubled teenager, who as part of his community service at an animal rescue center, has to find homes for 12 dogs who are unwanted and he has to do it before Christmas.

To get you in the mood, I hope the following Christmas quote will help to get you in the mood. I will be adding to them during Christmas month.

Christmas Motivational Video Quote:


Christmas Motivational Picture Quote:

My idea of Christmas, whether old fashioned or modern, is very simple. Loving others......Bob Hope

My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple. Loving others……Bob Hope

Bob Hope: – He was an American stand-up comedian, actor, singer, and author. His career spanned nearly 80 years and he appeared in more than 80 films. He hosted the Academy Awards show 19 times, more than any other host. He also wrote 14 books.


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6 thoughts on “Christmas Motivational Video Quote – My Idea Of Christmas”

  1. Two great movies to watch this Christmas! Thank you for the inspiration here and making me look forward to Xmas. It certainly is as you explain it!

    I’m quite sure the story line of ‘it’s a wonderful life’ sound familiar I may have seen it as a child! 12 Dog days to Christmas sound like a movie my two teenagers would love so i will definitely be suggesting it on our Xmas movie day!

    Lovely article.

    • Dianne

      So glad that you enjoyed the post. You will enjoy the movies, especially “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Don’t know anyone that does not feel better after watching it.


  2. What a great idea for the holiday season – sharing some great and uplifting quotes. I grew up watching Bob Hope special after Bob Hope special back in the 1970s with my mom and siblings – thanks for the memories! 

    Above all, Christmas should be a time for love: no holds-barred, unconditional demonstrations of love – case closed. I look forward to reading more of your posts, especially if they’re about additional great quotes.


  3. Hi there!

    It’s always nice to visit your site,

    Thanks so much for the suggestion of the movies “It’s a wonderful life” and “12 Dog Days Till Christmas!, I’m always looking for some movies to watch during this time of the year, I think I will like both, but I will watch first the second one!

    As a dog lover, I’m sure this movie will be good.

    Thanks for sharing Bob Hope’s quote! 

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