Advancements In Veterinary Medicine – Do You Know Them

Technology is pushing the bounds of veterinary medicine and smart products to new limits. Learn about three of the newest advancements in Veterinary Medicine that can benefit your pet.

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As a dog owner, you will have to visit your local vet at some time in your life. Medicine, whether it be for dogs or dog owners, is always advancing and coming up with new therapies and technologies to help fight diseases that can afflict us all.

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Learn about advances in Veterinary Medicine.

1) Stem Cell Therapy:

Important Advantages In Veterinary Medicine

For this type of therapy, there is a lot of debate ongoing at the moment. Most of the news has been of a negative nature because it has been focused on human embryonic stem cell therapy, not on adult stem cell therapy.

This is unfortunate because there have been many proven applications for adult stem cell therapy.  This therapy has become available for dogs and also cats that have arthritis. The process involves taking a small amount of the dog’s abdominal fat.

It then purifies the stem cell isolated by a laboratory, which specializes in the process.  After the process has been completed, the cells are returned to the vet, who then injects them into the dog. So far, the results of this therapy have been very encouraging.

The only drawback at this moment in time is the cost of the therapy which can be several thousand dollars.

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Stem cell therapy is one of the latest cutting-edge medical procedures available.  Stem cells are your pets own repair cells and can be used to support the repair and regeneration of other tissues in the body. – ( Source – )

2) Laser Surgery:

This type of surgery was only used in medicine for humans. However, over the last few years, laser surgery has become more and more widely available for vets. The main advantages of using this type of surgery are:

a) It decreases bleeding.

b) Lessens the time required to do the procedure.

c) Surgery can be done without the scalpel.

The main drawback of the equipment is that they are still expensive to buy and use. These costs have to be passed on to the customers.  Therefore, it can only be used in larger vet practices.

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Laser therapy is a non-invasive photobiomodulation therapy. This means we use a special light that penetrates the skin and tissue that helps open up blood flow to the area. It also helps to accelerate the body’s natural healing process. – ( Source – Advanced Animal Care – )

3) Fiber Optics:

Important Advantages In Veterinary Medicine

This technology in the field of medicine has been one of the most exciting developments to date. In the field of veterinary medicine, fiber optics use small plastic fibers that carry light along the entire length of the fibers.

They are brought together in an instrument called an endoscope, which can resemble a cable or hose. This can help to aid the vet in the diagnosis of the cause of health issues such as diarrhea or vomiting.

The vet can pass the endoscope into a sedated dog to have a look at the gastrointestinal tract, and if necessary take biopsies.

The endoscope can come in various sizes which can be therefore used to help diagnose urethral problems or bladder disorders. There are also becoming vital in emergency situations such as when a dog or cat has swallowed a foreign object.

These types of procedures formerly only could be carried out through surgery. Using fiber-optic technology is less expensive and also more important, there are fewer complications such as bleeding or infection when surgery is carried out.

Procedures that would have required surgery, are now been carried out using fiber optics and this benefits everyone because it is a far safer option.

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Endoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that allows the examiner to look within an organ or body cavity and gain diagnostic information, which includes grossly evaluating an area of interest and obtaining tissue for histopathologic evaluation. – ( Source – )


Technology is there to help the vet in his work and as a result, it helps your dog. Some of these advancements in Veterinary Medicine are costly and as a dog owner, may not be viable for you at this time. However, as new types of advances come on stream, costs usually come down after time, and then they become more available for all.

It is guaranteed that new technologies and therapies will impact all of us dog owners positively, which goes to help improve the health and longevity of our pets.


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