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From Troubled Teenager to International Movie Star and Family Man:

Inspirational Hugh Jackman Story

Early Life:

Hugh Jackman was born in Sydney, New South Wales to Grace McNeil and Christopher John Jackman an accountant. He is the youngest of a family of five kids.

His parents who are both English moved to Australia shortly before his birth. He is also of Greek and Scottish ancestry. He earned a communications degree from the University of Sydney.

Acting Career:

After graduation he pursued drama at the western academy of performing arts and just after this, he was offered a starring role in the prison drama, Corelli, in 1995. This was opposite his future wife Debora-lee Furness. Guest roles for TV followed.

Being an accomplished singer, he has also starred in Gaston in the production of beauty and the beast. His big break was when he won the part of Logan/ wolverine in 2002.

In 2012 he helped bring the most famous musical of all time to the big screen. He has also starred in Hollywood’s walk of fame.

Through acting Jackman says that he finds a level of bliss and peace that feels natural for him.

Family Life:

Hugh Jackman quote

His spouse is called Debora-lee Furness with whom, he has two children. His trademarks are; ruggedly handsome features, fluent American accent, and his role of Wolverine in the live-action X-Men films.

His wife suffered two miscarriages, which led them to choose to adopt two kids. He sings at weddings, but mainly those of his friends.

He adopted a son, Oscar Maximillian, in May 2002 and also adopted another child a few years later. He was chosen as one of people’s “50 most beautiful people in the world for five years in a row.

Hugh was named the sexiest man alive in 2008 joining the ranks of George Clooney and Brad Pitt. He has the distinction of hosting the academy awards in February 2009.

He holds a record of playing the same character in a movie’ seven times. Aside from acting, singing and dancing he also does wrestling.

Hugh Jackman relates to the lost boys in the new movie “PAN” in which he stars as Blackbeard.

Painful Childhood:

He happens to have had a painful childhood and opened up about this, during an interview, where he related to when his mother left when he was eight.

He says he was volatile, and it was not until was around 12 or 13 that his anger really surfaced. This was since his parents were supposed to together after a separation, but they did not. This killed his hopes of a happy family.

He says that as he grew up to be a teenager his anger had reached boiling point. He had a storm of hormones and emotions and decided to pick up sports as an outlet for his frustrations.

Hugh Jackman inspiration quote

He started playing rugby. He says his anger was brought about by his mother leaving and that made him feel fearful and powerless.

He also admits that when he was growing up, he feared the dark and heights. This even made him angrier. At this point he says religion helped him in some way.

It also made him get closer to the stage. He wanted to appear on stage like the preachers he saw. Due to his religious upbringing, he always dedicates his performance to God.

Dog Lover:

Hugh is well known for his love for dogs. He has two adorable tail wagers called Dali and Allerga. He is often seen out and about with them.

At one time while on a show he talked about his pups and said how much he loved them and how he missed them while he was away.

At times he even flies with his dogs when he is going to perform and amazingly the dogs fly first class. The dogs are truly part of his family.

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