St Francis of Assisi Quote – Patron Saint Of Animals

This St Francis of Assisi Quote for dog lovers is from the Patron Saint of Animals, and as an avid dog lover, I find this so inspirational. We hope it will also help you, particularly if you are having a bad time in your life, through a loss, or a breakdown in a relationship. At times, we all feel unable to cope with the demands of daily life.  None of us can escape this. I am going through this now.

St Francis of Assisi Video Quote:


St Francis of Assisi Picture Quote:

inspirational video quote for dog loversStart by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible. ……….Francis of Assisi


St Francis of Assisi:  He was the son of a prosperous merchant and was born in Umbria in 1181. Francis, however, abandoned all his rights and possessions and founded the order of the Franciscans. He worked to care for the poor and became the patron saint of animals.


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8 thoughts on “St Francis of Assisi Quote – Patron Saint Of Animals”

  1. Wow, such an inspirational video I watch after a long time. You just made my day. I have been a dog lover since my childhood and work with an organization that rescues stray dogs in my part of the country. 

    I think dogs should be treated well as they honestly love us, and the time I spend with my dogs are the best time for me.

    • Sanjay

      Glad you enjoyed the video and well done on your work with the rescue organisation. I applaud you.

      I am the same as you – ” the time I spend with my dogs are the best time for me.”


  2. I’m actually going through a rough period now but I never allow it to get to my head. I just take a day at a time because I know that a few years away from now ill not remember how bad I feel now. Just like St Francis, I think it’s always best to do the necessary and possible, then the impossible would follow.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Louis

      I am sorry that you are experiencing a rough time in your life at this moment in time. You have the right attitude in taking it one day at a time.

      I wish you luck for the future and hope that it gets better for you soon


  3. That is a very inspirational quote that anybody can relate to in times of trials in life. Sometimes when we are in a difficult situation we think that everything seems impossible but when you do first what has to be done, even the most difficult situation becomes easier and lighter.

    • Dan

      I am glad that you found the quote of use. I love inspirational quotes, because they remind ourselves not to five up on ourselves, when we are going through a hard time.


  4. Going through a pretty rough time having lost my mom to cancer a few months ago. She was my rock. I thought I could never make it and pick myself up after she’s gone. We have this dog she adopted from a shelter. I took it in with me. Helped me a lot indeed and brought me so much comfort.

    • Ernest

      Sorry about the rough time that you are going through. It is understandable after such a major loss.

      As one who helps with rescue dogs, I firmly believe that sometimes they rescue us and come into our lives when we need them.

      Take care


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