Why Do Dogs Bury Bones and Toys | ( Infographic Included)

Why do dogs bury bones and toys? You might be wondering about the origins and potential consequences of this behavior. You may not want them to take them away and bury them.

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Why Do Dogs Bury Bones Infographic:

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Please read on for the main reasons why dogs bury bones and toys.


Dogs are known for their natural instinct to dig and hide. In the early days, the food available for canines was scarce and had to be fought for. This meant not only competing against other dogs and other animals but also with the pack he belonged to.

This hoarding is also helpful in case you’re hunting is great and they can’t eat it all. So they would save these things for later when food would be scarce again.


Often, a dog crying out for attention is just a sign that it wants more quality time with you. The best way to give your pet the time they need is to take them for walks and spend quality time playing with them.


As pet owners, the responsibility of feeding the animal often falls on us. Feeding mealtimes can often become a competition when there’s more than one pet in the household. Older animals that eat less quickly could find themselves with nothing to eat because they were out-competed by their younger counterparts.


Some dogs may bury items as a sign of anxiety or stress or because they’re lonely. Digging, in this case, can be a self-soothing behavior for them. For instance, a dog may bury his food if does not feel safe in the area he is fed in.

Dogs can bury items as a sign of anxiety or stress, but this behavior may also be due to a lack of socialization.


Dogs are naturally protective of the things they value the most, especially their food. It’s not uncommon for them to have a “grave digging” tendency when they feel that something has been stolen from them, often resulting in throwing out any objects that could have had contact with whatever they were guarding or watching.




Providing your dog with an opportunity to dig and bury his toys can make him very happy, as it fulfills his instinctual behavior. You might also not find your shoes since they’re less likely to be out in the open.

Dogs, in their natural environment, often bury their food. It is a natural instinct to use their nose and paws to dig into the ground and cover their food with dirt or sand. The dog’s eyes will light up when they find a toy that has been buried and they are just as excited as if they had found a new toy.

We sincerely hope the above information has helped answer the common question of why do dogs bury bones.


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