Why Does My Dog Bury His Head Under My Pillow

Lately, I’ve been asking the question why does my dog bury his head under my pillow? I’m sure that a lot of other dog owners have pondered a similar question depending on where their pet’s head ends up, whether it be on their lap or on the couch in the living room.

Please read below ( Infographic included) for the most common reasons why your dog buries his head. This content should take around 4 minutes to read, but if you’re in a hurry we have included a table of contents to let you see at a glance what the content contains.

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Why Do Dogs Bury Their Heads Infographic:

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Read on to discover the main reasons why dogs bury their heads.

Keeping Warm:

Dogs have been around for a long time and have gotten used to forming packs. They’re known for using this behavior in order to survive the harsh winter months. We know that your dog is no longer out in the wild but it’s still got this instinct with them, so they should be huddling up if they get cold.

If your pup has its nose shoved in a fuzzy blanket, it could be trying to get warm or perhaps doing this to help keep its body temperature steady.

Marking Territory:

Dogs have a natural instinct to mark up their territory. This may include urinating or distributing their scent in other ways, usually by scratching a spot or rubbing themselves against it

While some dogs might have a lot of facial fur or scents, others don’t and can still mark their territory by burying their noses in you. This is a way of showing other animals that they belong to you.

why does my dog bury his head in the couch

They Are Fearful:

Instinctually, dogs will hide their nose and belly when they feel threatened because these two areas are the most vulnerable to harm.

You might not think of a dog’s nose being hurt as something very painful, but in fact, it can be. Think about human anatomy for a second. A human nose is only separated from the brain by a few inches!

Feeling Hungry:

Pets have a lot of similarities with children; for example, dogs would drink milk from their mothers when they are hungry. To do so, they would bury their heads in their mother’s belly to reach for her milk.

Some dogs go through their puppy years with a habit of burying their head in food. It’s just how they like to eat.

They Need Their Own Space:

Your dog is your best friend and you care about what he does and feels? So why should you put him in a situation which makes him feel uncomfortable or as if he’s being suffocated?

One reason dogs need their own space is because they need to feel safe. Pets are often excluded and without a private, secure space, even if it’s just the outdoors, they can feel anxious.

Why Does My Dog Bury His Head Under My Pillow

Separation Anxiety:

Dogs usually seek comfort by getting as close as possible to you. This means that they’ll often try to find a nook or cranny somewhere on your body and hide their faces in it. They’ll also be able to feel your warmth which can make them more comfortable.

This behavior is more commonly displayed in dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. When you have left them, they may become destructive or exhibit other unwanted behaviors like howling or crying.


In an article by the American Psychological Association, the article talks about how dogs are very capable of picking up on their owner’s behavior. They are able to sense the tension in their owner’s voice and can respond accordingly. The article talks about how a dog can pick up on its owner’s feelings, and that they can even mimic their owner’s anger or happiness.

Having their owner stay covered up before bed might make dogs want to sleep like them by curling up and burying themselves under the blanket.

They Want One Of Those Pillows:

It’s not always clear why some dogs sleep under the pillows of their owners, but there are a few theories.

It’s soft, it’s fluffy, it’s comfortable – what more can they ask for?

A great pillow will make you feel better, no matter if you’re napping or have an extended full sleep. You may not realize it, but the feeling of pressure and comfort that a pillow provides for your dog is just as important.


Dogs bury their head in blankets for a variety of reasons. Dogs do this to keep warm, to feel safe, or to hide when they are feeling anxious.

Dogs require some effort from us in order to understand them. They cannot tell us in words, so we must be careful with the subtle signals they send to know if they’re feeling anxious, just curious, or feeling cold and want to stay warm.

It could be that they simply want physical contact such as burying their heads in pillows, blankets, or just on your lap. The act of burying one’s head may be an instinctual response that the dog learned while still young.


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