Why Are My Dogs Eating Grass – It’s Important To Know

One of the most frequently asked questions amongst dog owners is why are my dogs eating grass, when they are sick. Also, they might appear to do it excessively.

It’s worrying for them because there appears to be no valid reason in their eyes. It’s true that dogs will vomit the grass which they have swallowed, then return to eating more of it.  At other times the grass can even appear in their stools.

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Questions  On Why Do Dogs Like To Eat Grass:

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass When They Are Sick

a) Are they trying to clear their internal tract of some parasite or foreign object

b) Are they trying to make themselves pass something. Some reasons have been put forward to answer this question of why your dog eats grass.

The diet that your dog is currently on, may be missing a key nutrient. As always please check with your vet if your pet is doing this excessively and it is now worrying you.

He might be able to tell you if he is missing some nutrients and it could then be supplemented with the approved vitamins required.

The simple reason is that your dog is bored and requires something to stimulate him. You could try some chew toys like a Konga dog toy or smart dog devices.  Also, you can try another smart dog product such as the FitBark to monitor his health and fitness

Another valid question asked by the dog owners is – “Does eating grass hurt dogs”.  Actually, dogs are termed omnivores, which means they eat both plants and meat and this applies to both feral or wild dogs when hunting.

It’s well worth noting that grass can and could become lodged in the back of your dog’s throat. If you notice him pawing around his mouth or wrenching,  after eating grass, it’s advisable to check to see if this is the potential cause.


Please Don’t Ignore This Warning:

As part of a dog’s diet, grass can be seen as a normal component. However, some grass seeds or plants will have been treated with certain chemicals and therefore should be avoided. Yard sprays or fertilizers can actually turn plants or grass toxic.

If you are not sure that the area is free of chemicals, the best advice is not to let them wander or graze in that area. In addition, some weeds are also toxic to dogs.

It’s better to know which plants are toxic to dogs. This can help avoid you planting them in your garden or bringing them into your home.


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Top 5 Common Poisonous Plants for Dogs:

1). Irises:

If your pet eats this plant, it can vomit, lose energy, and have diarrhea. They may also develop irritation of the skin. The iris, unfortunately, contains various compounds that are toxic to dogs.

2).  Daffodils:

I have always loved this plant but was actually unaware that all parts of the plant, especially the bulb are poisonous to dogs. This can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and even a serious drop in blood pressure.

3).  Azaleas:

A small amount of the leaves from this plant can cause diarrhea and vomiting, plus irritate the mouth of your dog.

In more severe cases, it can result in a coma or death in dogs who have ingested the plant.

4).  Foxglove:

These are really beautiful and tall flowers, but unfortunately, every part of the plant, from the seeds to the flowers, is dangerous for your pets.

Eating them can result in death from cardiac failure.

5). Tulip:

The bulb is the most dangerous part for dogs. It can cause nausea and drooling and can cause oral irritation which can be unpleasant.

Can I  Substitute for Grass In My Dogs Diet:

I always assumed that dogs liked grass and I found from research that one can substitute the texture and taste with food such as peeled celery or carrots (Their favorite). You just find out what they like. For their health and safety, it’s definitely worth a go.

Eating grass appears to be in most cases a behavioral concern, but because of the potential ramifications to their health, it’s worth discouraging it or at least monitors it when it becomes excessive. I hope that any questions you might have had about why dogs each grass when sick, have been clarified.

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4 thoughts on “Why Are My Dogs Eating Grass – It’s Important To Know”

  1. I have seen dogs eating grass before but could never work out why they did it, in fact, I have been wondering for years now what the reason for this could be, I’m so pleased that I came to your website, I’ve learned some very interesting facts about dogs, i have bookmarked your site for future reference, thank you for sharing, take care.


  2. Some vets would say that it is not really a problem because it’s a normal dog behavior. Pica is the term used for a disorder characterized by eating things that are not food. It could really be boredom that causes dogs to eat grass. As dog owners, it’s a responsibility to be watchful on this situation. 

    It’s great that you made a list of plants that can be dangerous for dogs. In our country, swamp and marsh plants such as pong pong is really dangerous. Some poisonous plants and vines for them are rosary pea, castor bean and belladonna.

    I agree that they should be given pet toys such as what you mentioned to kill their boredom. There are even interactive toys made for furry friends and Pup pod is one of the most popular. Thanks for this valuable information. A lot of dog owners might be nervous or clueless with this dog behavior but rest assured your article has given enough guidance on how to deal with it.

    • MissusB

      Thank you for the information regarding Pica. Always love people posting, because I learnt additional things and I sincerely appreciate this.

      I am glad that you found the list of plants of use, as initially I wasn’t sure whether to include the information.

      The interactive dog products coming into the pet market is really exciting and I am always on the lookout for new products to include in our smart dog products reviews section.

      Thank you also for taking the time to post.


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