Why Do Dogs Eat Paper and Cardboard| (Infographic Included )

If you have paper lying around the house, it’s important to keep an eye on your dog because they love eating it! So why do dogs eat paper and cardboard? The medical term for this behavior of dogs eating paper is called pica. It may be triggered by anxiety or compulsion, but there are other causes too.

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Why Do Dogs Eat Paper Infographic:

why do dogs eat paper infographic

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Here are the most common reasons why dogs eat paper, which is known by the medical term called pica.

Nutritional Deficiency:

If your pet dog eats paper towels and other non-edible materials, they might be utilizing them as an alternative food source. As they rarely eat anything apart from edible items, make sure you monitor their eating habits so that they can maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

They Are Just Hungry:

If you have a big dog, they might not be getting enough food from their current portion size. The only food they can get is paper towels and newspapers lying around. to satisfy their hunger. If you have a larger dog, it might be worth adjusting their food to account for their increased appetite.

It’s Fun For Them:

Dogs are playful animals and the paper they chew on may not be such an innocent thing. It’s often a sign of boredom so getting your dog involved in some exciting playtime or finding them another toy to chew on can help out.

They Are Anxious:

When dogs are anxious or stressed, they can form destructive habits in order to get attention. Paper shredding is one example. Many dogs enjoy eating paper so their habit has resulted in this. These repetitive actions will eventually cause gastrointestinal upset and digestive issues for your pet.

They Want Attention:

Dogs are extremely loyal animals that want to please their owners. Chewing on papers might be because they want your attention.

So have you been playing with your dog lately? They love playtime with their favorite ball or toy.


How To Stop Your Dog From Eating Paper:

Are You Feeding Them Enough:

It is important to feed your dog the appropriate amount of food. If you are unsure, speaking to your vet can help determine the right amount.

Are They Getting Enough Nutrients:

Your pet’s digestive system is surprisingly similar to ours, and they need the same nutrients as we do. If they can’t readily absorb the nutrients from their food, they may eat paper in order to try to digest what they’re eating or get frustrated with you and act out in other ways.

To resolve this issue, your vet can run some tests to reveal the deficiencies and fix them.

Buy Some Chew Toys:

It’s common to see dogs chewing on things like paper, often that paper is trash. Dogs are natural chewers and they will chew on whatever they can get their paws on.

This could be a major problem if the dog decides to chew up something you’re working on or one of your important papers. To avoid this, provide your dog with a variety of toys and puzzles so they don’t resort to

Paper-Free Areas:

Lock away all papers to keep them from being chewed on by your dog. Lock doors leading to the bathroom and toilet as well, as they may end up playing with the toilet paper.





Dogs are known to eat all sorts of things, and while the paper isn’t typically on that list, it is possible. It’s not usually a cause for concern, but if your dog becomes more frequent with paper eating then you may want to establish what the cause is from the above information.

As always, consult your vet should you have any concerns or worries regarding this behavior.

We do hope that the above information has answered the question of why do dogs eat paper?


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  1. This is funny because I never really thought about this before.  I have two dogs that don’t eat paper and I watch dogs on a daily basis.  I have not noticed any paper eating at all.  Maybe they are just happy in my home?  I read the reasons why they do, and it seems I just must have the perfect environment 🙂

    • Leahrae

      Thank you for your post. Most dog owners aren’t aware of the paper eating habit.

      From one avid dog lover to another, your dogs are so lucky to have such a good home.



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