Why Does My Dog Licking Drive Me Crazy

If you love to get licked by your dog, then why does my dog licking drive me crazy at times? All dog owners certainly know how it feels when they slobber on your face, hands, and all around your mouth. However, when it’s constant it does get you annoyed and you might end up scolding your pet to stop it.

You may be stroking them, feeding them, or just greeting them as you come through the door. Dog licking is sometimes a sign of affection, but it can mean other things too. You should know about the different meanings of dog behavior and what to do if it becomes a problem.

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Why Do Dogs Lick You Infographic:

why do dogs lick you infographic

Here are some of the reasons why dogs licking you at times will make you mad.

Showing Affection:

Dogs typically show their affinity for other dogs by licking them. This instinctive behavior is in part rooted in the times when their mother would lick them as a puppy and provide them with a sense of comfort.

Licking plays a vital role in how they interact with other dogs, causing them to release dopamine and endorphins. This makes them feel happy and calm, just like it does to humans when stroking a dog.

To Get Attention:

Dogs lick to get close to those they like and when they lick you, it’s common for people to stroke them and make a fuss over them. This encourages them to lick again and next time, the licking may become more insistent.

It Helps Identify Other Dogs:

Dogs can identify other dogs through licking, which helps them identify each other by their scent. This is because dogs have scent-producing cells in their noses which is around 40 times stronger than humans.

Scientific research shows that dogs are able to identify each other with their sense of smell which is possible due to them using pheromones.

why does my dog licking drive me crazy at times

To Help Communicate:

Licking is one of the many ways that dogs communicate, both with members of their pack and with humans. Dogs use licking to convey messages such as “I love you” or “I’m sorry.”

Licking is often associated with dogs showing affection to a person. They lick as a way of communicating and also in order to establish themselves as having a higher social rank.

To Help Clean Themselves:

A dog’s tongue is an organ with several functions. One of these is to clean the fur and skin because wet fur provides a protective coat from dirt and bacteria. But the licking also serves to get rid of loose hair by the action of the tongue and teeth on the hair follicles.

They also sometimes lick their fur when they have a hairball. They use their tongue to move the hair in circular motions against the fur which help get rid of dirt and loose strands of hair.


Ways To Stop a Dog from Licking:

Dogs have been licking humans for centuries; it’s only natural and they do it because they love you. It can be a bit annoying at times but how could you punish them for something that is natural to them?

Reward Good Behaviour:

Excessive licking is a common problem for many dog owners. It can be difficult to get a dog to stop licking and this behavior can become a safety issue when the dog starts to lick itself.

The first step in training your dog is to identify the behavior you want them to do instead. The second step is to reward that behavior with treats or praise when they do it, but not if they’re licking.

Dogs are naturally inclined to chase things, which is why it’s important to reward cooperative behavior. You can do this by playing a game that requires your dog to sit and stay still. This teaches them that sitting and staying are good things to do.

Replace The Attention For This Behaviour:

Dogs lick because they are feeling anxious or nervous, so in order to help them not to feel that way it is important to distract them and teach them a different behavior.

By understanding their motives and what troubles the animal, it is possible to develop ways for the dog to be in a more comfortable condition.

Identify The Triggers For The Licking:

What triggers your dog’s licking? This question sounds simple, but it’s not. The answer is not only complicated, it’s different for every dog. Dogs lick in response to involuntary actions, emotions, and thoughts. Licking can be a way to relieve anxiety or boredom and even comfort themselves when they are in pain.



Dogs use licking as a form of communication. While it is usually a sign of affection, it is important to note that some dogs will lick people or other dogs to explore or make a request.

Since dogs lick us for different reasons, some nicer than others, it’s important to know the benefits of their licking. Dogs have been found to be effective in treating depression and are able to provide affection.


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