10 Important Lessons For Life – What Dogs Can Teach Us

Your dog can teach you many lessons in life such as loyalty and the power of forgiveness.  Find out about these 10 important lessons learned from life, seen through your dog’s eyes, which I read on the Internet. Full credit to the authors. We can definitely learn from these.

I just love my dogs unconditionally, just as they do of me. I’m an avid dog lover and I’m proud to say that I’m a better person for having them around.



10 Lessons For Life -What Dogs Can Teach Us:


1). Garbage can look like a cold buffet.

2). You don’t mind spending hours sniffing stuff.

3). Your humans don’t expect you to pay, your share, for lunch and dinner. Table manners won’t matter, and it’s never your fault if you gain weight.

4). People won’t think less of you if you pass gas. It might even look cute for some people.

5). Your wet nose is a sign of good health.

6). You don’t need a home entertainment system. All you need is an old shoe or a bone and you’re entertained for hours.

7). Personal hygiene is a breeze; you don’t have to take a bath each day, and you’re not expected to comb your hair.

8). You can have hair growing in all weird places, and no one will notice.

9). You don’t need much to be happy; all you need is to make your loved ones, leave the room for five minutes, and then come back.

10). You can reach the itch, and you won’t offend anyone if you scratch it in public.


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10 thoughts on “10 Important Lessons For Life – What Dogs Can Teach Us”

  1. Hi, 

    you are so right about those points.  I do not like dogs very much, in fact, I prefer not to be around dogs very much, but I see that many people have awesome relationships with their dogs.  I guess as soon as my kids will grow up, they will be asking for a dog, and I am willing to buy them one so they can enjoy them too.

    And yes, dogs really do leave valuable lessons.  You mention loyalty and that is so true.  Dogs give their life to protect the property of their “boss”, which is absolutely cool.

    Loved the points that you shared,


    • Oscar

      Yes, one of the greatest things about dogs is their unconditional love and the way they can cheer you up when you’ve had a bad day. The waggy tail and the smile, it’s just great.

      Dogscan teach kids responbility and loyalty, which are important traits to have.


  2. This is funny because this is how dogs think, but humans are so different than that. If we honestly applied these 10 lessons, we’d have a different reputation.  This behavior isn’t socially acceptable in any place I’ve been. As a business professional, behaving this way isn’t optional or this could prevent forward movement and success.

    Despite the social requirements, it is nice at times to simplify things as gleaned from your 10 life lessons. Added to the occasional break, I think it’s also learning lessons from a metaphorical standpoint. 

    I love your video. Very well done. The imagery and narration is great also.

    • Tiffany

      Thank you for your kind and valued comment about the video. I am trying to give the best content for my readers, in a professional, but also fun way.


  3. Oh my, I’m crazy over dogs, too! This is an awesome video, and I enjoyed watching it. So much of it reminded me of my wonderful pal Millie. 

    She’s our mixed rescue that we dearly love. The garbage being a cold buffet really struck me because Millie will eat anything. A habit from her days as a stray. She’s always foraging. I can’t convince her that I always feed her!

    Thanks for the enjoyable video! Stella 🙂

    • Stella

      I appreciate your kind comment on the video. I am trying to put together a great site for avid and crazy dog lovers, such as yourself.

      As one who has rescue dogs myself, I know they are the most loving pets I have found. So loving, given some of the places where they have come from. I always wonder, who rescues who as I am such a better person for having dogs in my life.


  4. Thanks for allowing me to share in your love of dogs. You were spot on with your list of 10 things dogs can teach us. I even took the quiz to see if I was a daft pet owner {secretly I wanted to be one but alas I only scored 60 percent.} 

    That was a great idea of putting your dogs on camera to have a visual of the 10 life lessons.

    • Donnie

      Thank you for your kind post. I am glad that you enjoyed the content. It makes all the hard work worthwile.


  5. Awesome post. I have two dogs at home and they are my life.  This was very entertaining and fun to read. I can tell by the way you wrote this that your dogs are your life.

    What better way to blog and create an awesome site than doing it about your dogs.

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