Benefits Of Microchipping For Dogs – So Important

Here are some important benefits of microchipping your dog, which is one of the options to help locate your dog, if it gets lost.

Traditionally, dog tags were the common way to identify a dog and take it back to its home address if lost. However, with dogs being lost becoming more common, methods that are more sophisticated are being implemented.

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A good friend of mine lost his dog for a couple of days. Someone else was taking care of him just for a few hours while he went and did something. It was one of the rare times that he couldn’t take his best friend.

He was absolutely distraught and when he found the dog, he immediately ordered a GPS tracker similar to the trackers on our review for the Best GPS Dog Trackers.

What is MicroChipping For Dogs:

Benefits Of Micro Chipping Your Dog

Microchipping is the addition of a tracking microchip under your dog’s skin. It is done along the neckline and shoulder bones of your dog’s body.

It ensures that your dog can be detected using a microchip scanner.

You should always keep the pet information stored in the microchip updated. Additionally, when a dog has a new owner, the new details should be updated as necessary.

It is imperative to note that every microchip has a unique code. Therefore, your dog can be traced back to you, using the scanner. This is one of the major benefits of microchipping.

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Important Reasons For Microchipping:

The following reasons are so important why this procedure being implemented, is the best way to go, if your dog, unfortunately, gets lost.


Natural Disasters:

In all-natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and the like, pets do get lost from their owners.  In such a scenario, a microchip will greatly help you locate your dog and get it back to you safely.

For the dog and the owner, this is really quite distressing. Any help or preventive measure will greatly ease the stress.

Lifetime Guarantee:

Once you place a microchip in your dog’s neck, it has a lifetime guarantee. All you need to do is ensure that your records are up to date.  This helps the work of animal shelters and vets who can then locate you and return your dog to you.

The lifetime guarantee is very different from traditional methods such as collars that could be lost or taken off by a person stealing your pet.

Animal Shelter Recovery:

Benefits Of Micro Chipping Your Dog

One of the major benefits of microchipping your dog is that can be restored back to you if it has a microchip under its skin.

This saves you the long process of trying to prove that the dog is yours. Additionally, with a microchip, you are assured that an animal shelter should be able to locate you so much easier.

This saves you the trouble of having to go checking numerous dog shelters in your locality. They simply use a microchip scanner and it provides the necessary information needed about the dog owner’s location.

Therefore, you then have the peace of mind, that if your dog ends up at an animal shelter or your local authority if it gets lost.

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Microchipping Is Inexpensive:

You do not need to worry about the cost of microchipping because, as previously mentioned,  it is a lifetime one-off deal, which covers the cost of locating your dog forever.

It is not about creating revenue for vet practices, it is about saving you from the headache of losing your dog forever. In addition, microchipping helps pets who are unable to help themselves.

Saving Your Dog From Being Euthanized:

When a dog has been in the animal shelter for a while, the normal procedure, unfortunately, is to euthanize. In order to save your dog from such a catastrophe, you need a foolproof method.

This method would be to microchip your dog.  Therefore if you were unfortunate to lose your pet, your dog will be safe and secure at the shelter, before being handed back to you.


Positive Reviews On The Microchip:

There have been positive reviews on the benefits of microchipping dogs. Essentially, the microchip enables the owner endless capabilities in locating their lost dog.

If a dog wanders off and cannot be found, it is as simple as using your microchip sensor to get your dog’s location.




In conclusion, it is clear that with microchipping there are important and numerous benefits. The major one is that it can basically help to save a pet’s life. Some shelters can only keep a dog for a short time. For instance, some states now demand this procedure for your pet dog, which we totally agree with, because it’s worth repeating. The chip can help to save the dog’s life.

Most rescue organizations, before releasing a dog to a new owner will always have the pet microchipped. This is in addition to other health checks.

As such, it is imperative to ensure your dog is microchipped. This will allow you to be contacted more easily, should the need arise. In addition, it gives you peace of mind.

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6 thoughts on “Benefits Of Microchipping For Dogs – So Important”

  1. I also have rescue dogs and they are all microchipped, microchipping is very important, it can definitely help to save their lives. We were victims of hurricane Irma and luckily I had all my dogs chipped or it could have ended much worse than what it did. I am 100% for microchipping, thanks for the great article and I hope others find it just as good.
    check out this rescue dog shirt and help support Rosie.

  2. I also have rescue dogs and they are all microchipped, microchipping is very important, it can definitely help to save their lives. We were victims of hurricane Irma and luckily I had all my dogs chipped or it could have ended much worse than what it did. I am 100% for microchipping, thanks for the great article and I hope others find it just as good.

    • Kelsey

      I am glad you enjoyed the article and I totally agree with doing it for every dog. Hope you were not too seriously affected by Hurricane Irma.

      I appreciate the information as it confirms the importance of micro chipping. We also recommend GPS trackers such as the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker


  3. Agreed this will save a lot of heartache and stress in being able to find the dog if it goes astray or loses it’s way.
    What I’d like to know, is, what happens to the inside of the dog’s body as the chip is deemed as a foreign object, surely this will affect the normal process of the dog’s body functions.

    • Hi

      Thank you so much for posting and what a great question.

      As in all human surgeries, there are risks and complications can arise when objects are implanted into the body. On rare occasions due to the pet’s makeup, it will reject that object. The side effects could be some minor inflammation or in the worst case, a tumor could develop. However, it must be remembered that  Microchips are now so small and biocompatible.

      As we always recommend, speak to your vet if you have any concerns about the procedure



  4. It’s great to learn that giving your dogs a microchip can help you figure out their location when you can’t find them. My uncle is thinking of owning a dog that can assist him with his hunting. I should probably recommend this to him so that he could visit a veterinarian once he owns a dog!

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