Best GPS Trackers For Dogs – 2023 Buying Guide

GPS dog trackers are becoming increasingly popular as technology and smart products become far better. But what are the best GPS trackers for dogs? Read our extensive review below to help you make the best choice for you and your pet.

If you are in a hurry, we have also included a table of contents below so you can see at a glance what the content is. The first product will only take two to three minutes to read. Please remember that these devices and their functionality depend a lot on the quality of the internet. Just research before you buy.

Tracking devices for dogs could be a lifesaver for you. Please read below to find out our top picks for 2023, to help you make the best choice for yourself and your pet.

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1): Tractive Dog GPS Tracker:

best gps trackers for dogs

In an age of advancing technology, keeping our beloved pets safe has become easier than ever. The Tractive Dog GPS Tracker offers pet owners peace of mind by providing real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of this innovative GPS tracker to help you make an informed decision.

  • Real-Time Tracking: The Tractive Dog GPS Tracker allows you to track your dog’s location in real time using the Tractive GPS app on your smartphone or via a web browser. You can view their precise location on a map, ensuring you always know where they are. This feature is particularly useful for locating a lost or runaway dog.
  • Virtual Fence and Notifications: The tracker enables you to set up virtual boundaries, known as virtual fences, for your dog’s safety. If your dog crosses these boundaries, you will receive instant notifications on your smartphone. This feature ensures you can take immediate action if your furry friend strays from a designated area.
  • Activity Monitoring: The Tractive Dog GPS Tracker not only tracks location but also monitors your dog’s activity levels. It provides valuable insights into their daily exercise routine, such as steps taken, distance covered, and active time. This information can help you ensure your dog maintains a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Lightweight and Waterproof Design: The tracker’s lightweight and compact design makes it comfortable for your dog to wear. Additionally, it is waterproof, allowing your dog to enjoy outdoor activities even in rainy conditions without compromising the tracker’s functionality.
  • Long Battery Life and Rechargeable: The Tractive Dog GPS Tracker features a long-lasting battery that can last for several days on a single charge. When the battery does run low, you can conveniently recharge it using the included USB cable. This ensures uninterrupted tracking without frequent battery replacements.
      • Subscription Required: To access all the features and benefits of the Tractive Dog GPS Tracker, a subscription plan is required. The subscription offers ongoing access to the tracking service, including real-time tracking and notifications.
      • Limited Coverage in Certain Areas: The effectiveness of the Tractive Dog GPS Tracker may vary depending on the availability of cellular coverage in your area.
      best gps trackers for dogs


      The Tractive Dog GPS Tracker is a reliable and user-friendly solution to keep your furry friend safe and within reach. With its real-time tracking, virtual fence feature, activity monitoring, and durable design, this GPS tracker offers peace of mind for pet owners.

      While a subscription is required for full functionality, the benefits it provides justify the cost. Invest in the Tractive Dog GPS Tracker today and maintain a strong connection with your four-legged companion, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.


      2):Pawfit 3s GPS Tracker for Dogs:

      As pet owners, ensuring the safety and well-being of our furry companions is a top priority. The Pawfit 3s GPS Tracker for Dogs offers a cutting-edge solution that allows you to monitor and track your dog’s whereabouts with ease.

      Let’s explore the pros and cons of this advanced GPS tracker to help you make an informed decision.

      • Real-Time Location Tracking: The Pawfit 3s GPS Tracker provides real-time location tracking, allowing you to pinpoint your dog’s exact whereabouts at any given moment. You can monitor their location using the Pawfit mobile app on your smartphone, ensuring you can quickly find them if they wander off or get lost.
      • Geo-Fencing and Smart Alerts: This tracker allows you to set up virtual boundaries, known as geo-fences, on the app. If your dog crosses these pre-defined boundaries, you will receive instant notifications on your smartphone, helping you take immediate action. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring your dog stays within safe areas.
      • Activity Monitoring and Fitness Tracking: The Pawfit 3s GPS Tracker goes beyond location tracking. It also records your dog’s activity levels, including steps taken, distance covered, and calories burned. This data provides valuable insights into your pet’s exercise routine, allowing you to tailor their fitness regimen accordingly and promote their overall well-being.
      • Waterproof and Durable Design: Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities, the Pawfit 3s GPS Tracker boasts a waterproof and durable construction.
      • Long Battery Life: With its efficient power management system, the Pawfit 3s GPS Tracker offers an impressive battery life that lasts for several days on a single charge. This extended battery performance ensures continuous tracking and peace of mind without frequent recharging
      • Subscription Required: To access all the features and benefits of the Pawfit 3s GPS Tracker, a subscription plan is required.
      • Occasional Connectivity Issues: In some rare instances, users have reported occasional connectivity issues with the tracker and app.
      Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker Free of Monthly Fees - GPS Tracking Collar for Dogs and Cats & Pet Activity Monitor

      The Pawfit 3s GPS Tracker for Dogs offers a comprehensive and reliable solution to keep your beloved pet safe and secure. With its real-time location tracking, geo-fencing capabilities, activity monitoring, and durable design, this GPS tracker provides peace of mind for pet owners.

      While a subscription is required for full access to its features, the benefits it brings far outweigh this requirement. Invest in the Pawfit 3s GPS Tracker and gain confidence knowing you can quickly locate and protect your furry friend whenever they need it most.


      3): Cube Shadow Bluetooth Tracker:

      Best GPS Tracker for Dogs - Cube Shadow Bluetooth Tracker

      With this Bluetooth tracker from Cube, you can track your pet and other important items. Its thin design can also be attached to laptops and remote controls. By using the Cube Tracker app, the tracker is then paired to let you know the latest location. It can work within a 200-foot range.

      • Allows you to keep track of your pet and other important items.
      • Attach easily attached to laptops, and remote controls.
      • By pairing with the Cube Tracker app you can view the relevant location on a map.
      • Didn’t work for some customers
      best gps trackers for dogs


      Cube Shadow is a new Bluetooth tracker that gives pet owners the benefits of a touch screen and pet containment system. It can help you track your pet without even having to touch the pet, allowing you to keep an eye on him or her from afar, even if they are inside the house.

      In addition, the tracker can also transmit the information to your computer, giving you an electronic record of the activities your pet was doing during the day.

      The benefits for pet owners who already have a Cube Shadow in their homes include easy installation and setup. Most units only require the power of a computer, an Internet connection, and an area code of your home. This makes it convenient to install in homes with children or in places where you want to monitor your pets.


      4): FitBark2 Water Resistant Dog Activityand Sleep Monitor:

      You can help your dog achieve optimum health with this great FitBark 2 smart device. Although it is not designed to track your pet’s whereabouts, it can have a major and positive impact on your dog’s health.

      The free app which works with Android and IOS platforms can help you track his activity, when you are not around, including his sleep. This will help give you peace of mind when you are not around.

      • Tracks any changes in behavior around sleep and play.
      • It’s waterproof.
      • One size fits any dog
      • 6-month battery life
      • Free app for smartphone
      • Some found the connection and app not working correctly.
      FitBark 2 Water Resistant Dog Activity & Sleep Monitor, Black


      The FitBark 2 Water Resistant Dog Bed makes monitoring your dog’s activity super easy. Just remove the cover and snap the Velcro strap around the chest area, to keep the water-resistant fabric in place. Then use the included remote control to set the level of activity your dog is comfortable with.

      Your dog will love the built-in sensor that sets and tracks his activity. Plus, since it has a dual layer of fabric over the foam, even if he swears he won’t be completely wet, which means no slipping.

      Many dogs suffer from allergies, and FitBark is an excellent choice for helping them get through those rough times. They have an advanced self-healing system that helps, so even if they do get soaked, they can still enjoy the luxury of a nice, relaxing sleep. With innovative features and a comfy bed, FitBark 2 Water Resistant Dog Activity is sure to be a hit for your dog.


      5): Garmin Alpha 200/TT™ 15X Bundle:

      The Garmin Alpha 200/TT™ 15X Bundle is for those who want to keep track of their dogs during hunting or training. The device is easy to use and provides accurate location data for up to 20 dogs

      • The device features a 3.5” touchscreen display and button-operated design, making it easy to make quick adjustments.
      • With the ability to monitor up to 20 dogs from up to 9 miles away, this device is perfect for hunting or training multiple dogs.
      • It includes preloaded TopoActive maps, direct-to-device BirdsEye Satellite Imagery downloads, and a built-in 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter.
      • The device is quite expensive, so it may not be suitable for those on a tight budget.
      FitBark 2 Water Resistant Dog Activity & Sleep Monitor, Black


      What is a GPS Dog Tracker:

      GPS stands for Global Position System which uses radio towers to locate the signal of the relevant device. This is how dog trackers work.  The tracker will usually be in a collar with the receiver attached.

      Thus, the dog owner will usually receive the signal back to an app on their phone. It’s essential that the signal works both ways. However, in areas of poor coverage, it can be unreliable, much as with a phone call.

      Reasons To Buy a Dog Tracker:

      1): Your Dog Has Wandered Off:

      Sometimes your dog has escaped and wandered off for various reasons:

      a) Your dog can smell another dog on heat

      b) Attracted by an unusual sound

      c) Your dog is on heat and is looking for a mate

      d) Chasing a neighbor’s cat

      2): Your Dog Has Got Lost:

      a) You have become separated on a new walk

      b) Has become injured and is unable to move

      c) some of the other reasons listed above

      One of the main advantages is that when you are trying to locate your pet, the tracker can give you the correct location and direction on where to look.

      This can help immensely because overall this will be a stressful time for you and your pet. It also helps so much if this occurs at night or in bad weather.

      Info Box

      Each year, approximately 10 million pets are lost in the United States. That is a frightening statistic.

      Important Points To Look For In a GPS Dog Tracker:

      There are great trackers available now online. It can be hard to know which one is right for you and it also goes down to your budget. I hope the following points can help make you make the correct choice.

      Must-Have Good Signal Range:

      This is so important because if the range is weak, it cannot communicate with the nearest signal tower and therefore you will not then know where to locate your dog. This will then defeat the reason for getting a tracker.

      Must Be Waterproof:

      This will allow the tracker to work in water or heavy rain.

      Recommended having A Good Battery Life:

      This is obvious, but important to point out, so please check before you buy it. You have to remember that the GPS tracker has to be permanently on when your dog is out.

      The Device Utilizes Zones:

      This great feature is found in the best GPS trackers for dogs. Set up alerts when your dog wanders out of a certain area that it’s not supposed to. The zones are also referred to as GeoFences.

      We hope that these GPS reviews have helped you in making the right choice for the best GPS trackers for dogs in helping to keep your pets safe.



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      1. Wow, this is amazing to see that there are so many different GPS trackers available, something that I had never really thought about. We occasionally look after dogs for friends and our main concern is always that the dogs might wander off, as we live on a large property (and yes, it has happened in the past). 

        This would be the perfect solution that we can track there movements and find them if they do go off chasing a fox or a rabbit. Great selection that I will be exploring more. 

        • LineCowley

          Thank you for your post. I am so glad that you found the information on the trackers of help.


      2. Hi

        I can understand the importance of having a GPS for your dog, especially  if your dog has a habit of running off chasing  cats or that you are worried that he or she may get lost. If you want to look after your dog then you need to get the best for it and its wellbeing. It must work for all dogs of all sizes and abilities without being damaged or lost. I can imagine that the device can be damaged if the dog is too rough. 

        It is a great idea as you often worry about your dog and these devices will bring peace of mind. I can imagine that these devices have a range where it will work and wonder what happens if your dog goes beyond that range?



        • Antonio

          The major reason that most owners get these GPS dog trackers is for peace of mind when their pet wanders off or gets lost. I still remember the time we lost one of our dogs. Even though it was for a short time, the worry and stress were not nice. 

          In answer to your question, if the dog goes out of range,  you will be notified, because you should have set up a geofence zone.


      3. Hi, this is a hot topic in the press at the moment as there have been many cases recently of dog/ puppy thefts. The GPS tracker is a great solution for this and one that I think will prove more and more popular so well done on highlighting this and providing more information for dog owners. Thanks for the read

        • Dan

          Thank you for your kind comments. It is indeed a hot topic for dog thefts. These trackers also bring great peace of mind, especially if your pet gets lost.


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