Can My Dog Get Coronavirus – Covid 19

Can my dog get coronavirus-COVID 19?  This is a common question among pet owners and vets alike. This is why so many animal shelters and rescue groups have started to focus on educating pet owners.  What they should be looking out for with regard to their dogs’ health.

At the current time of writing, the pandemic has spread due to the transmission of the virus from human to human. There is no current evidence of transmission of COVID-19 from animal to human.

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Common Symptoms:

can dogs get the coronavirus

This is why the majority of the cases of this particular coronavirus occur in dogs. It is also why the most common symptoms of this particular virus are:

  • coughing
  • breathing difficulty and
  • vomiting.

The canine respiratory coronavirus is most often found in older dogs who are already suffering from various respiratory problems. However, it can also infect younger dogs who may be more at risk of getting sick. Especially if they’ve had multiple exposures to the virus in the past.

Pets that suffer from respiratory illnesses should always be tested for any potential threat they might pose. Even though the COVID-19 – coronavirus is a relatively rare breed of the virus, vets still recommend dog owners be vigilant with regard to their dogs’ health.

Anyone who suspects that their pet has an acute respiratory infection or a problem with their immune system should get them tested as soon as possible.

After Your Pet Has Been Tested:

Once your dog has been tested, your vet clinic will then be able to provide you with the necessary treatment that will help your dog through the illness. Your vet will likely do a chest x-ray and an imaging study to rule out pneumonia and other respiratory complications.

A bronchoscopy is also common and may be necessary as well. Your vet may also give you medication to increase your dog’s appetite and reduce coughs and wheezes.

can dogs get the coronavirus

If you think your dog is suffering from this kind of disease or another illness, don’t worry. There is no need to panic. There are many vets that offer this treatment and many resources available to you to help.

Even if your vet believes the chances of you contracting the virus are very slim, they’ll still do their best to help you. They know that every dog owner is different and so they’re always there to support and advise you.

What About Pets That Are Sick:

It’s best to keep your pets away from animals who are sick. Keep them indoors to prevent the spread of the virus.  There are many types of coronaviruses and certain strains such as canine respiratory coronavirus do affect dogs.

However, in this current pandemic, according to the World Organisation For Animal Health, there is no evidence that the COVID 19 virus can be transmitted from animals to humans. We hope the following information has helped answer the important question – can my dog get coronavirus – covid 19.

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  1. What you shared here is great to see here. To be very sure here, this is a very important factor to see here about dogs and the pandemic period in general. What you offered here is really great. Covid19 has been rather an unforeseen circumstance that has been affecting everything else.good to see it here.

    • Nath

      Thank you for taking the time to post here. Glad you also found the information of use. As I said to Justin, it’s so important as dog owners to be educated as much as possible on the impact that COVID 19 has brought to our everyday life. I hope this has reassured readers.


  2. Thank you so much. Generally, I really like to keep my pets away from any such animal and it’s been a part of their own lifestyle, not to just go around running with just any other dog they see. I have 3 dogs so they can all play with each other and no-one will be bored. Seeing how they could contact the virus would make me care more. Cheers

    • Justin

      Glad to know that you found the information of use. In these unprecedented times, I think it’s so important to be educated on the impact for us dog owners. 


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