Why Adopt A Rescue Dog

why adopt a rescue dog

Considering a new dog for your home and family. Then adopting a rescue dog instead of buying one, should be the path you take. Our motto is, Adopt, Don’t Shop. There are many reasons why you should adopt a rescue dog, instead of buying from a breeder. All we ask is that you give it …

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What Is Canine Arthritis

Many dog owners have asked the question – what is canine arthritis?  In fact, there is a wide variety of conditions that may result in a dog showing signs of this health issue. Dog arthritis, which is a common problem in dogs, is inflammation of the joints. The cartilage becomes damaged over time, becoming less …

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Best GPS Trackers For Dogs

GPS dog trackers are becoming increasingly popular as technology and smart products become far better. But what are the best GPS trackers for dogs? What do you need to look at? Read on for our extensive review below. In addition, dog ownership is growing.  Our dogs are a strong part of the family unit, and …

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Why Do Dogs Have Bad Breath

Why Do Dogs Have Bad Breath

We all love to play and pet our dogs, especially when they are a puppy.  However, the dog will be a complete turn-off, if its breath smells like last week’s trash.  So why do dogs have bad breath? If you are finding that your dog has this unsocial problem, which results in a bad odor, …

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Desiderata Poem

Desiderata - An Inspirational Video For Dog Lovers

We hope that this Desiderata poem by Max Ehrmann plus video can uplift you in these unprecedented times. We live in modern and changing times, which now appear to be very uncertain.  Just listen to the news, on your phone, tablet, and TV, and rarely, it’s from a positive perspective. In our own lives, we …

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