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I’m an avid dog owner and have my own collection of beloved dog quotes. I was reminded this month of this inspirational dog quote,  after going through several really bad days, when nothing seemed to have gone right. Normally I am quite an optimistic person, but I couldn’t get out of this black mood that was hanging over me.

I sincerely hope that this inspirational quote, for dog lovers, in video and picture formats,  will help you to help you through a bad day or rough time that you may be going through yourself. We are all fighting the daily battle called life.

Dog Quote Video:


Beloved Picture Dog Quote:

beloved dog quotes -Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.... Anatole France

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened… Anatole France

Anatole France: He was a French journalist, poet, and successful novelist with several bestsellers to his name. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature.


The only bright spark to the day and most days was an amazing greeting waiting for me, as soon as I opened the front door. The greeting was so genuine and the tail was wagging so so fast. I truly felt a million dollars at this moment in time.  It was just an important reminder of how it was so lucky to have a dog.

She reminds me to just live for the day and if possible, to enjoy simple things such as a good healthy walk. I might not want to go, but the look always makes me go and when we are out in the fresh air, I feel great.

As I write this post, she is limping around the house, because she hurt her paw. The whole family is around her as if her life was hanging in the balance.   The dog could buy and sell snow to the Eskimos.

It’s truly a lovely sight to behold and also wonder, about how a dog can make grown human beings behave like little children.

I guess unless you are a pet owner, you cannot realize or know how daft we as dog owners can become. However, we are better for the whole experience, because dogs make us feel better and also can improve your health overall.


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6 thoughts on “Beloved Dog Quotes For Dog Lovers -Until One Has…”

  1. That is a lovely quote – and I know exactly what they are getting at with it! 

    Thank you for cheering up my day, as chance would have it – I’m not exactly having the best of days at the moment so this has come in at the right moment from my point of view. 

    Do you happen to have any other quotes from Anatole French on this website by any chance?

    • Chris

      Sorry to hear you are not having the best of days. Life can bring us down at times. That’s why I find inspirational and motivational quotes so useful. It helps get me through a bad day and reminds me not to give up on myself or on life.

      I will be including more Anatole French’s quotes to the site


  2. Animals can truly lift one’s soul. When I go to my friend’s house, his dog comes running to greet me.  Full of energy he jumps all over me.  With his tail wagging, I can feel the positive energy that he’s emitting.  It feels like the dog is truly part of us.  Animals are great therapists.  I don’t own a pet, but your site has reminded me to keep bonds with animals. Thanks

    • Pardeap

      So glad that the article reminded you of the important bond that pets bring to us. They bring so many health benefits and as dog owners we are truly blessed. We have the best end of the deal


  3. It is ok to be optimistic!! I love it. But I do know what you mean by having one of those days that it is just so hard to be optimistic or even acting like you are happy. 

    What I always tell people around me is that, I am a happy person but it doesn’t mean that I am happy all the time, I am human, I do get angry! Lol so dramatic of me. I missed having a dog, I was a proud owner of a husky, he passed a few years ago because he was old. 

    Please stay positive and keep writing these wonderful posts!

    • Nuttanee

      Thank you for your kind and positive post. The Husky dogs are just beautiful. We do miss our dogs when they pass.

      I will keep writing positive posts. I am reminded of one of my current favorite quotes by the famous American actor called Robert Wagner:

       “A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad. ” 

      I couldn’t agree more.


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