Dog Lovers – What Makes Being a Dog Owner So Special

For me, being a dog owner means unconditional love. In addition, they make you feel better for having such a beautiful creature as a friend. The health benefits for dog lovers of having a dog have been well researched and documented, so being a dog owner has numerous benefits.

I asked the question ” What Makes Being a Dog Owner So Special”  from people on Quora and received some interesting answers which are listed below.


A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

…………….Josh Billings


One great answer from Michelle Otto is as follows:

They communicate with their eyes and sometimes a sound. They convey love through cuddles, humor, or concern through sound.

Dog Lovers - What Makes Being a Dog Owner So Special

They’re there for you when you are sad or “nag you” when you spend too much time on your cell phone reading something when you should be sleeping. *ahem*.

They do funny things and then you have great pet stories to share. This can remind you of a dependent baby that’s potty trained but doesn’t ask for toys, the latest cell phone, or a college degree.

When you sit or lie down, they cuddle with you. Show affection in their own way whether it’s an obvious lick on you or a subtle sign of preferring to sit with you over cuddling with someone else.


There is an incredible bond of love between dogs and their people. The level of loyalty and devotion is without par, even compared to loving, committed human relationships.

It is like having a child/companion that never grows up and always just wants to love and protect you. And wants you to walk them and give them treats!

Michele Geiger-Wolf

We know what unconditional love is. Having a being who adores you, even when you’re not so nice to them, is uplifting. It makes you feel that, no matter how other people treat you, you are loved for what and who you are, even to the point of being aware of your faults and knowing that the faults don’t matter.

Dog people can often communicate with their dogs in ways that they can’t with other people. We learn to read dog body language, and we sometimes have to guess what the dog is saying, but there is communication.

We learn to read human body language and expressions because we’ve done it with our dogs.

And, sometimes, knowing that there is a being on this Earth who is happy to see you when you come home makes us better people.

Morva Ory


If you a dog lover, I hope that the above answers help to remind dog lovers of how special being a dog owner is, plus the special health benefits.


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2 thoughts on “Dog Lovers – What Makes Being a Dog Owner So Special”

  1. Hi There Babyboomer:

    What you have is a website about one of my favorite subjects – Dogs!

    I love the quotes you have in your post because they are so true as anyone who loves dogs knows.

    Indeed, being a dog owner means unconditional love from a beautiful creature. Their loyal devotion is the greatest.

    Thank you so much for your website celebrating this most magnificent of creatures!

    • Christopher

      Thank you so much for your post. I agree entirely, ” being a dog owner means unconditional love from a beautiful creature.”


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