Why Is My Dog Sleeping So Much | ( Infographic Included)

I am sure that you have wondered why is my dog sleeping so much. I hope that you will find the answer here, based on the following factors.

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Infographic – Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much:

Infographic - Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much:
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Your pet dog is your favorite playing partner and you do need the dog awake to perform various playful activities. However, you may have noticed that your pet dog sleeps a lot and asking – Is my dog sleeping too much.

Firstly, your dog is not sick; it just loves its nap time on that lovely bed, which you bought for its much-needed rest. Factors such as breed, exercise done, health, and general lifestyle can affect your dog’s sleeping patterns.

It is a fact that dogs spend at least 50% of the day asleep. This accounts for 12-14 hours in a day. Nonetheless, this amount does differ based on the factors below.

1). Size and Age Of Your Pet Dog:

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much

Essentially, the age of your pet dog will affect your dog’s sleeping pattern.

It is natural to find your puppy asleep, after taking a walk around the house. Your puppy has used up all its energy and therefore promptly sleeps.

Puppies tend to sleep more than adult dogs. The same applies to older dogs.

When a dog ages, they tend to lose the energy they had in their younger years, as do us, owners. This means that it will require more sleep.

However, it is imperative to note that adult dogs, in general, also require 12-hour sleep on a daily basis. This is also determined by health, activity, and other factors.


2). Dog’s Activity Level and Breed:

Your dog’s breed will greatly determine how much sleep your dog will require or need. As such, if you have a working dog such as a retriever or a watchdog, it generally will need some more sleep after completing its duties.

There are not just physical but mental duties, that are involved during the process. If you train your dog to handle a task, it is normal that the dog will be awake until the task is complete.

However, most house dogs are not bred for a specific task. Therefore, most of these dogs will lead to a sedentary lifestyle and tend to spend more than 12 hours of the day asleep.


3). Changes In Your Dog’s Normal Lifestyle:

Why Is My Dog Sleeping So Much

Similar to humans, dogs will react when there are various changes to their normal everyday lifestyle and you need to factor this into the equation.

Your dog becomes adapted to the environment where it was raised. This includes its normal routines, which it likes. As such, any change to this usually affects its sleeping patterns.

Examples can be, moving home, the death of a fellow dog, or any other significant change. Extra sleep helps the dog adjust and in turn, regain its energy levels.


4). Dog’s Health:

It is imperative if you notice any major change in your pet’s sleep patterns. As always, we advise that you visit or consult with your veterinarian, in cases such as this.

There are conditions such as diabetes, canine depression, parvovirus, rabies, Lyme disease, and hypothyroidism that can be linked to changes in your pet dog’s sleeping pattern.


5). Sleeping Patterns That Are Normal In Dogs:

Like humans, dogs’ sleep pattern begins with drops in blood pressure, slow breathing, and a decrease in heart rate. It is after 10 minutes that Rapid Eye Movement (REM) begins. This is when the eyes roll beneath the eyelids.

In addition, there may be some reactions to dreams that may cause some bodily movement. However, the only difference between you and your dog is the amount of time spent, while asleep.

Dogs only spend 10% of their sleep on REM; whereas humans spend at least 25%. This is because they have inconsistent sleep patterns.

Your dog does not have a regular sleep and wake-up schedule. They may sleep, awake, and be alert immediately. This is not the case for human beings who are a tad groggy when they awake and remain so for a few minutes.

According to one research study,  it appears that dogs may experience benefits from socialization and oxytocin (better known as the “feel-good” hormone). Oxytocin increases oxytocin levels, which in turn causes the heart rate and breathing rate to increase which in turn causes increased blood pressure.

These same studies were conducted on humans as well and seem to indicate that dogs sleep better with social interaction and that the presence of others reduces stress and improves overall mental health and well-being. This all seems very logical, considering that the two most common symptoms associated with stress are increased blood pressure and reduced mental health.


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Some Solutions To Dogs Sleeping So Much:

why do dogs sleep so much

If you think that your dog is sleeping too much, you need to do something about this.

If you are sure that it is not due to health conditions, it may be because it does not have much else to do and is bored.

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A dog’s Rapid Eye Movement takes up only 10% of its sleep time. This means that they need more sleep compared to you.
As in humans, dogs have stages of sleep. Rapid eye movement (REM) and short-wave sleep (SWS), so it’s common to see rapid eye movement in dogs when they dream – ( Source – American Kennel Club – akc.org )

Here is how to solve too much sleep in dogs.

Give It Daily Exercise:

Ensure you take your dog for a walk on a daily basis. It will benefit you both and a healthy dog will bring health benefits to the family.

Ensure you use different paths to allow for a sense of adventure for your dog. This will expose them to various locations as well as smells.

– Buy Toys That Stimulate:

  • Use them to keep your dog active as long as you can. However, allow your dog adequate sleep when he or she requires it.

– Scavenging Games:

Ensure that you use some of the senses that keep your dog awake when they are around the house.

By hiding treats around the house and in the backyard, you will give your dog something to do and keep their mind and body active.

– Play Dates

Just like humans, dogs are social creatures. Therefore, look for a friend or neighbor with a furry friend or attend socialization classes, where they will meet all kinds of different breeds of all sizes and ages.

  • We have attended these ourselves and have learned so much. The whole experience is so beneficial.
  • Get the dogs together from time to keep them busy. They get to explore and learn new scents from other dogs.

In addition, you can use your dog as a volunteer dog through training. For instance, your dog can be a lead dog for a disabled person.


We do hope that the above information will answer the question of why is my dog sleeping so much. They need to be kept active with daily exercises, games, and play. This will help to reduce the unnecessary sleeping time and still keep them fit and happy.

As we always say. If you are worried or unsure about your dog’s sleeping pattern, please consult your vet.


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