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We do hope that the next inspirational dog quote by Dean Koontz, will remind you how great it is to own a dog and the health benefits that they bring to our lives. I am a far better person for having them in my life.

Also if you having a bad day, the quote might help to lighten it, plus help you in some way. As I read it on another site we are all fighting a daily battle called life.

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Once you have a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished......Dean Koontz

Once you have a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished……Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz:  – He is a famous American author who was born in Everett, Pennsylvania. He writes suspense thrillers and his work has sold over 450 million copies worldwide. He writes under various pen names and has appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List.


Health Benefits Of Dogs:

We tend to forget the important health benefits of dogs bring into our lives. As well as the physical benefits, we also benefit emotionally.

They Help Us With Stress:

Around dogs, studies have shown that people perform stressful tasks much better. In addition, the dog can actually lower your blood pressure. Neurochemicals called serotonin and dopamine, are increased and they help one to remain calm in stressful situations.

They Help To Keep Us Active:

Overall dog owners are usually fit because they get out walking with their dogs. Even if they don’t feel like walking, we feel the responsibility of taking the dog out.

We benefit by keeping mobile and healthy as we get older. This applies to both the dog and the owner. Both have a better quality of life. In general, it means fewer visits to the doctor and to the vet.

They Help Us With Depression.

It has been found through research, that people who own dogs are less likely to be suffering from depression than non-owners.  If you think about all the greetings, especially after a bad day, how can you not be uplifted? It can only make you smile.


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6 thoughts on “Dean Koontz Quote – Inspirational Dog Quote”

  1. Hi friend, 

    Thanks for this inspirational dog quote.  The video was helpful. Indeed dogs are very useful in everyday life. For me, my love for dogs started when I was very young leaving a village life with my parents. The first dog bought for me by my parents was named “Travel and See” and I really like the that dog so much. 

    Since then my life with dogs was a very happy one. Whenever we bought a new dog, it was indeed a pleasant and happy moment for me personally, even though because of my stay and where I leave now, I’m not able to buy a dog, it is part of my plans to get one in the future.

    Thanks a lot for reminding me of my life in the past and my my love for dogs.


    • Stephen

      Thank you for your kind post.  What a beautiful name for your first dog. Above all, I am glad the quote brought back good memories for you


  2. Absolutely correct. I feel completely lost when I have to travel due to my professional reasons. I love the way Boxer jumps at me when I return every evening. All the tiredness melts away immediately. Waiting eagerly for more such quotes Dave. BTW I have shared this on Facebook hope you won’t mind!

    • GeeEss 

      I am so glad that you enjoyed the video dog quote. It makes all the hard work worth while. 

      Sincere thanks for sharing this on Facebook


  3. Thanks for a great post and video. I never thought that pets can make so much difference in our lives. No wonder that the dog is called the best man’s friend. 

    I have lately been preoccupied when I heard that a lot of dogs or other pets suffering from the bad people and how they treat them. We should protect our animals and wildlife.

    The dog as a pet at home is wonderful. It cheers you up, influences you to move, exercise and of course play. At that time we can feel terrific and forget all the troubles and tense at least for a while. So it is good for our health. 

    The origin of the domestic dog is not clear. The archaeological record and genetic analysis show the remains of the Bonn–Oberkassel dog buried beside humans 14,200 years ago to be the first undisputed dog. It is quite interesting to know how this animal was domesticated. It evolved thousands of years ago. And this is wonderful. 

    I hope that every one of us will find our perfect home friend. 



    • Thomas

      Thank you for your valued post. Glad you enjoyed the video and the post.

      Your information about -“the Bonn–Oberkassel dog buried beside humans 14,200 years ago to be the first undisputed dog.” is something I will have to look into further. Thank you for this.


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