Jill Abramson Inspirational Dog Quote…..

We hope that another inspirational dog quote by Jill Abramson,  will uplift and motivate you.  Also, remind you just how great it is to own a dog. I do think that we, as dog lovers, need reminding of this fact.

With regards to the quote, I can’t agree more with it. This actually happened to me today, because I came home in such a bad mood. If you have had one of those days, where you should not have got up, then you will know what I mean.

However, the greet at the door, the waggy tails, was such an uplifting experience. How great it is to own a dog and in addition, benefit from the great health benefits that they can bring to our lives.

Benefits to your kids are that they love unconditionally. In addition, they help to prevent them from developing allergies.  They also teach kids about responsibility, patience, and love. For the parents, they encourage them to take important exercise by getting off the couch. This creates a better overall quality of health for both.

Dogs will give us something to smile about every day. We always say that life is so much better with them around.

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A dog can snap you out of any kind of bad mood that youre in faster than you can think of..... Jill Abramson

A dog can snap you out of any kind of bad mood that you’re in faster than you can think of………….. Jill Abramson

Jill Abramson:  She is an American journalist and author, who was born in New York City to Jewish parents. She went to Harvard, where she obtained her BA in History and Literature.   She is best known as the first female executive editor of   The New York Times. She was also listed on the Forbes list of most powerful women.


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8 thoughts on “Jill Abramson Inspirational Dog Quote…..”

  1. I must say that this video is very informative and inspirational. Currently, I don’t know a person who doesn’t like dogs as they are awesome creatures that are given to us to take care of them and protect them. 

    I like the video and that statement is true, a dog will always make us happy no matter how unhappy we are.

    • Daniel

      So glad that you enjoyed the video and the content. Yes, there are awesome creatures, and as one who deals with rescue dogs, I have not found more loving creatures than these dogs. 

      I am always surprised how much love they gave us, and I am always surprised, given the conditions that they have come from.


  2. That is an excellent video.  I know just what you mean.  When I come home from work, my Beppe is waiting at the top of the stairs with his tail wagging so fast he might take off.  He makes this funny whining noise until I come upstairs and greet him.  He only makes this noise when I come home in the evening.

    Everyone I know gets more from their dog in the way of companionship, acceptance, and pure joy of life, than they give in food, shelter, and belly rubs!



    • ecpags74

      Glad that you enjoyed the video.  I love your description, ” with his tail wagging so fast, he might take off. “

      I agree with you, that we as dog owners, get so much more from our pets, than we give in return. 


  3. My Shiro, my male husky, has always been there for me. I always joke with my friends that I choose dogs over human lol The best part about dog is that they just want to give you love without nothing in returns. There are many days that I feel sad or tired from a long day at work. 

    Shiro is always there making sure to come and make me feel better. He always gets so excited when I come home, running around and crying, taking (not sure if you know, but huskies don’t bark. They complain and talk to you lol) Just like that my day is finally better and I give all my attention to him. Will share your video to all my friends. 🙂

    • Nuttanee

      Thank you so much for sharing your story about your husky called Shiro. I actually did not know that huskies didn’t bark, so I have learned something today.

      Dogs gave unconditional love and as i said in another reply, they bring many health benefits to us, such as helping with depression, anxiety and keeping us fit. 

      Thank you for sharing the video.


  4. Aww, interesting. The name of my dog is KIND. It is indeed a nice dog, one can ever be with. Just like humans, it understands every mood of mine. 

    Whenever it senses that I am a bit distress, it boost my moral and gets me through it. KOND loves food so much. You must not joke with his meal.

    • Nice Angel

      I agree with you, that dogs are so sensitive to our moods. They bring us so many health benefits, such as helping with depression and stress.

      As I keep saying, we as dog owners, are truly blessed.


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