What Is a Dog DNA Test – Why They Matter……..

What Is A Dog DNA Test?  We have always associated DNA Testing with humans.  However, did you know that they can also be used for our canine friends?

What Is A Dog DNA Test

They are used in determining what kind of dog you have and which breed it belongs to. This kind of testing is used for dogs that are of a mixed breed. So what is a dog DNA test?

It will let you know exactly what kind of dog you have and what breed your dog belongs to. This DNA test for dogs is becoming increasingly popular.

DNA testing has been in existence for several decades already and has become a reliable source of reference for genetic codes.

Reasons Why Your Dog Needs a DNA Breed Test:

1): The Ability To Identify and Record The Breed Composition:

If you are annoyed by people asking the common question about your dog, “What are they?”, then this test will answer this for you. The DNA can be collected via a simple cheek swabbing and then mailing the sample to the relevant lab for DNA breed analysis.  In addition, you are also able to learn more about your dog’s ancestral heritage.

The kits are easy to use. Most testing kits come as a package and containing one Swab DNA collection brush, sample submission form, customer reference sheet, DNA sample instructions, and prepaid return mailer.

The sample will then be analyzed through an advanced SNP-based DNA technology process in a highly experienced laboratory.  At the initial process of the sample analysis, your dog’s DNA profile will be obtained and compared with other purebred dogs’ DNA profiles in their database.

Your dog’s primary breed is then identified when it strongly matches the profiles of other purebred dogs in the database.

This primary breed will be displayed in the “primary” results category in the Certificate of DNA Breed Analysis. In this certificate, you will find other related breed information of your dog in the “secondary” and “in the mix” categories.  You should receive your results within a 4-6 weeks period.


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2): Understand Predisposed Breed Health Risks and Diseases:

What Is A Dog DNA Test

When you identify your dog’s breed, then you can work out better health and wellness management for your dog.

This should help you deal with any misbehavior problems, through training and playing with them in ways that will appeal to their natural talents and temperaments. You can also discuss with your veterinarian,  a plan which incorporates a diet and exercise customized to your dog’s needs.

The test is relatively inexpensive and as already mentioned, is gaining popularity with pet owners, who wish to find out more about the genetic blueprint of their dogs.

The collection of the sample is quite easy with the swab and it takes only several weeks to obtain the result. The analysis is done through advanced SNP-based DNA technology.

After the DNA structure is obtained, the lab technicians, then try to find out a match of your dog’s structure with the prerecorded DNA blueprints of the purebred dogs.

In order to do so, the labs have to maintain a database where the genetic profiles of the tested dogs are recorded. When the genetic makeup of your dog perfectly corresponds to that of any previously enlisted purebred dog in the database, your dog is placed in the “primary” category. The certificate of the dog DNA breed analysis mentions that your dog is listed in the primary category.

Other Types Of DNA Testing:

There was a time when it was solely used in determining paternity issues and help resolve any legal battles. Not anymore, because it is used to create a family tree or trace the genes which help one to trace lost relatives. Thus, one can be able to establish ancestors through it.

They are continually being used to solve crimes such as murder or rape and help to solve mysteries. They are also being used to trace whether a baby will have any health problems in the future. Health conditions that include rare medical conditions and genetic diseases can be highlighted at the important early stages.

DNA Analysis:

DNA analysis is also important to determine if an individual carries the least chance of being prone to some hereditary diseases. But most of the time, DNA structure is meticulously examined to find out the parentage of a child. This is called DNA paternity testing.

In the case of the paternity test, blood or hair strands are used to find out the genetic construction. The samples are collected from both the child and the father. The mother’s sample is not a prime requirement in this type of case. The samples are then analyzed to map up the genetic structure.

If strong similarities are found between these two samples, then it is clear that the person has fathered the baby. A home kit for a DNA paternity test is also available but the result of the at-home test is not accepted in court.

We hope that the information above has helped you answer the important question. What is a dog DNA test?


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Disclaimer:  All material on this website is provided for your information only and may not be construed as medical advice. No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the contents of this information; instead, readers should consult appropriate health professionals or veterinarians on any matter relating to their dog’s health and well-being. The publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions.

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  1. I can see this DNA test being very useful to anyone who gets their dog from a rescue or humane society, where you never know exactly what you’re getting. I loved your comments on the “what is your dog?” question, because we used to get that question all the time, and never did know how to answer it. One of our dogs, in particular – the pound was pretty sure he was part chow, but the rest was anyone’s guess. DNA testing in dogs also makes a lot of sense, given that dog pedigrees are so important to so many people. I know it’s not the same as a pedigree, but it would give you a lot of the useful information that the pedigree is supposed to provide – like, as you mention, health information.

    • Shanna

      Thank you for your valued comment. I am glad you found value in the information. “What is a Dog DNA Test”


  2. Hi Dave,
    I found this article on dog DNA testing quite fascinating and very informative. I definitely learned something new because I had never heard about DNA testing for dogs. We’ve been considering adopting a new dog from the pound, and this is a great test to be aware of because so many breeds are predisposed to certain health issues. Thanks for the info!

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