Best Pet Doors For Dogs – 2022 Smart Buying Guide

Looking for the best pet doors for dogs, then we have a solution for you. Smart pet doors that only allow your dog to enter or leave a house have taken definitely arrived.  But what are the best pet doors for dogs?

If you are wondering where to start, this guide and the relevant product reviews below should help you identify, what is the best dog door for you. If you are in a hurry, we have also included a table of contents below so you can see at a glance what the content is.

These pet doors can either be installed temporarily if you live in a rental house or if you own a home, installed permanently.  In addition, a smart electronic pet door can ease the frustration of having to get up each time, your pet wants out.

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Best Pet Doors For Dogs Video Review:



1): Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Ruff-Weather Pet Door With Telescoping Frame:

Best Pet Doors For Dogs - Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Ruff-Weather Pet Door With Telescoping Frame:

If your energy costs have gone up and you suspect that your pet door is the cause, then consider buying the Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Ruff-Weather Pet Door as a replacement. This door can withstand all weather conditions and in addition, help to reduce your energy costs.

Key Features:

  • Made of durable foam molded material
  • This energy-efficient all-weather door comes with a telescoping frame
  • The door can also accommodate dogs of up to 90 pounds
  • A plastic frame with an additional two vinyl covers for maximum insulation
  • Easy to install
  • The flap size is 9.75 inches by 17 inches
  • Insulated frame 
  • Energy-efficient flaps with two panes
  •  Made of waterproof plastic
  •  Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  •  Comes in different sizes
  •  Some customers found that the flaps loosened with time.
Best Pet Doors For Dogs


2). BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door with Aluminum Lining:

BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door with Aluminum Lining:

The safety of the dog and owner has been given much emphasis in this product. It allows your dog the freedom to go out and come back as it pleases.  The pet door is made of aluminum and fitted on a sturdy thermoplastic frame which can easily complement your home’s decor.

Key Features:

  • The thermoplastic impact-resistant frame is designed to complement most home decors.
  • Durable materials that can withstand the test of time
  • The energy-efficient vinyl weatherproof flap protects against rain wind and insects. Will not warp easily even under extreme pressure
  • Has a sliding self-locking door panel that is tamper-proof. Lock the door when  not in use
  • Suitable for dogs of up to 100 lbs
  • Made of a telescopic frame that is easy to install
  • It is affordable and of high quality
  •  Easy to install
  •  Has a self-lock system that locks the door when it’s not in use
  •  Energy-efficient which helps to cut energy costs
  •  Made of durable materials
  • A beautiful product that easily complements your home’s decor
  • For some customers, the magnetic strip at the bottom easily breaks off.
best dog doors


3): Ideal Screen-Guard Pet Door:

Ideal Screen-Guard Pet Door

It is a specially designed pet door that can easily be installed into a screen door using a screen guard. It has been engineered to take care of your mesh and screen guard.

Key Features:

  • High-quality screen guard pet door
  • A lightweight flap that is convenient for pets of all sizes
  • Available in extra-large and medium sizes
  • Comes in white color
  • Easy to install
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Comes with a lightweight flap
  • The screen guard is bought separately.
Best Pet Doors For Dogs


4). SureFlap Microchip Pet Door:

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door:

This Microchip Pet Door for dogs will let you stay connected with your dog from anywhere. The app will let you receive important notifications on the movements of your pet. In addition, you can lock the pet door remotely.

It uses your existing pet’s microchip as an electronic door key, ensuring unwanted animals are not admitted. Buy the SureFlap hub which is sold separately to utilize the smart app.  However, if no hub is connected, it can work as a standard Microchip door. This pet door is suitable for small dogs.

Key Features:

  • Smart app-controlled microchip pet door
  • Lock/unlock the pet door remotely
  • Monitor your pet’s long-term activity and spot any important changes
  • Install into doors, windows, and walls
  • Remotely know where your beloved pet is.
  • Uses existing Microchips.
  • Set and change curfew times.
  • Battery Powered.

• SureFlap Hub required (sold separately)

electronic pet door


5): PetSafe, Selective Entry, SmartDoor, Energy Efficient, Programmable Pet Door:

PetSafe, Selective Entry, SmartDoor, Energy Efficient, Programmable Pet Door

This pet door provides the ultimate flexibility. It will allow only entry to your home for your pets only, through the automatic locking system. Prevent strays or any other animal, from gaining access to your home.

Key Features:

  • For Pets up to 45 kg
  • Smart Door and Smart Key
  • Cutting Template
  • Installation Guide
  • Programmable Modes
  • Only Your Own Pets Allowed Entry
  • Prevent Strays from Gaining Access
  • Suitable for Multi-pet Homes.
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Some customers found some parts missing.
Best Pet Doors For Dogs


Buying Guide For Smart Dog Doors:

Electronic dog doors work almost the same way as smart doors. They operate based on three things: a sensor on the dog collar, another sensor on the dog door, and the normal opening and closing of the door itself.

The door opens and closes when the two sensors; the one on the collar of your dog and the one on the door; communicate. When your dog wants to enter or leave the house through the door, the sensor on the collar sends a signal from the key to the sensor on the door.

The signal then triggers the access way’ mechanism which then opens the door for the dog. There are different types of sensors that can be used on these doors. Let’s look at them briefly:

a): Microchip

It does away with the need to have a collar. Ask the help of your vet, if a microchip needs to be implanted in your dog. It’s advantageous since you will never worry as the device can never get lost.

b): Magnetic

It’s usually attached to the collar of your dog. The dog opens or closes whenever it senses a magnetic field.  However, the only disadvantage is any dog with a magnetic collar can enter through the door.

c): RFID Signals

RFID is a new technology. A dog with a tag that has correct information will then be granted access.

d): Ultrasonic Waves

Uses sound waves to grant access. However, the only downside is they are bulky and heavy.

e): Radio Frequency Chips

Works almost the same as RFID, except that it doesn’t use information stored on the tag to grant access. It picks the frequency produced by a key on the dog. Keep in mind that a dog with a key that produces the same radio frequency can also gain access.


Factors To Consider Before Buying An Pet Door:

You now know how these doors work. Now it’s time to pick the best electronic door for your dog. The type of sensor should not be the only thing you look out for since there are other important factors to consider as well.

a): The Size Of Your Dog

Don’t just go out in the market and pick any electronic pet door. Always keep in mind the size of your hound, because it follows that a large breed will require a much bigger door.

If you have several dogs, then choose the tallest furry pal among them, because the height should be two inches higher than the height of your dogs. The doors come in all sizes, so pick a size that suits your dog or dogs.

b): Type of Sensor

We have already looked at the type of sensors. If you have your dog implanted with a microchip, then a microchip-enabled door is the best option.

If not, RFID may be a good option or even magnetic or ultrasonic. However, magnetic systems can be accessed by any dog that has a magnet on its collar. In addition, if you want to cut down on cost, then choose a radiofrequency system as a cheaper option.

c): The Type Of Frame

Whether you choose a plastic or metal frame, will squarely depend on the size of your hound or the breed. Large and playful breeds require metal frames.

d): Safety

Get an electronic door that will only allow authorized dogs to use the door.

e): Programmability
You can easily program the door to close one minute after your dog enters or leaves the house.


Benefits Of Using Smart Dog Doors:

a).   No more the doorman for your pet.

b).   More opportunities to exercise for your dog.

c).   It helps to reduce boredom in your dog.


Dog doors have made things easier for dog owners because your dogs can now go out or come in whenever they wish.  This means that you no longer have to get up each time to open the door for them.

When you buy your pet a new door,  make sure that you take some time to teach him how to use it. Also, remember that pets take different times to learn things, but once they know how to use the door, it will give you and your pet, the freedom that you both deserve.

Consider other useful products such as dog ramps and dog strollers for your dog. Always remember that a healthy dog brings great benefits to your family.


Disclaimer:  All material on this website is provided for your information only. It may not be construed as medical advice. No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the contents of this information. Instead, readers should consult appropriate health professionals or veterinarians on any matter relating to their pet’s health and well-being. The publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions.

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  1. Thanks for this great post, I have heard of electronic dog doors but I didn’t really know how it really works and I can now see the benefits of having a electronic dog doors at home. 

    It’s sometimes annoying to always open the door for the dogs to go out and have fun sometimes.  I would love to have one of these.

    • Musbau

      Glad you found the content and post of use and it showed the great benefits of the product. I think most dog owners get annoyed sometimes, when your dog wants out because it’s usually when your in the middle of doing something, like making dinner.

      The product is great for times like this and also just as important, not allowing unwanted creatures into your home.


  2. Technology is indeed great things that have happened to mankind, with the way new things which are invented is really astonishing. 

    Well, it’s good and interesting to know that we have an electronic dog door which will save the house owner a lot of stress and also make things easier for them.

    • Roselyn

      As an avid dog lover and one who loves technology, I am always looking at products which incorporate this new technology.

      As you quite rightly pointed out, “…..will save the house owner a lot of stress and also make things easier for them.”


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    There are many dog related items that you could lead into.  The electric dog door reviews were good. I was also intrigued by the lighted dog collar. Does that have GPS on it?  Can the LED collar effect the dogs vision?

    My daughters’ two Labradors died within months of each other.  She mourned for Daisy and Rose, as they were much a part of her live. I can imagine there are many, many dog lovers.


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      I am sorry to hear about your daughters dogs. It is just so distressing for us dog owners when they pass. After all, they are part of the family.


  5. What a timely review. Just what I was hoping to find on the internet. I have two large breed dogs and live in the country. It is much nicer for them to get out of the house and play, but I am always having to let them out.

    I had a regular dog door at one time, but one day a friendly racoon decided to come in and visit with the dogs. What an absolute mess I had that day!  So the doggie door went away and I had to be the door man for my fur babies. I am especially excited to know about the electronic options or a collar or even a chip. 

    Thank you for putting this all together for me. Time to get shopping now.


    • Linda

      So glad that you found the information helpful and of use, especially your story about the unwanted racoon. Defintely, the electronic options of the product, would have fixed that problem.


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