Fun Facts About Puppies | (Bet You Can’t Guess Them)

The following are some fun facts about puppies. Their precious little steps and furry fluffiness make puppies adorable.   They can warm your heart and keep you entertained if you’re bored. When you care for a puppy, you will also want to know as much as you can about them.

This content takes around 6 minutes to read, but if you are in a hurry, we have also included a table of contents below so you can see at a glance what the content is.

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A Puppy Understands Human Gestures:

Fun Facts About Puppies

You probably know by now that a dog has a powerful sense of smell which is a dog’s primary sense.

A puppy can predominantly interpret the world around them through their sense of smell or olfactory system.

This is unlike humans, who interpret things through their eyes or visually. Both dogs and humans use their senses to interpret or understand the surrounding environment.

But puppies do not just rely on their senses to understand things. They are also good at reading human body language.

Puppies can read your body language in the same way that you can. Your postures, movements, and glances can tell your puppy many things, about what you are feeling and thinking.

As an example, what does your puppy do when they see you looking at their leash? Chances are it will jump up and immediately run to the exit door. This tells them you want to take them out for a walk.

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face..........Bernard Williams

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face……….. Bernard Williams


The Big Question:

How do puppies read gestures? Many theories suggest that because dogs spend their life with human beings, they develop the ability to interpret social cues and human gestures.

They do this as a way of interacting with humans and ensuring they will live in favorable conditions.


Why Do Puppies Sleep So Much:

Your puppy can sleep up to 19 hours a day, which means they have only had around 5-6 hours of playtime. If your puppy is always playing and awake, then you will have a hard time trying to control it. But why do they sleep so much?

Puppies are known for two things, sleeping and running. Once your puppy is awake, you will find it running from one place to the other.

When it stops running, it is usually nap time. A puppy will need lots of naps in its first few months of life. Too much sleep is normal for a puppy because it has a growing body that is developing fast.

Depending on your puppy’s breed, it should be fully grown once it is 24 months old. During this time, their body will undergo many changes and this, in turn, will dictate their sleep needs.

When it is awake, it will be trying to learn more about its environment and will be constantly exploring different things around them. This will mean that they will use more energy than mature dogs. Hence, they need more sleep.


When To Worry:

While too much sleep is normal for a young puppy, it is important to take note of your puppy’s sleep patterns. Try and determine its potty time, playtime, feeding times, and nap times.

If it sleeps too much and fails to eat or play, or seems lethargic after waking up, consult your vet. A healthy puppy sleeps most of the day and remains alert and curious about its surroundings, once it is awake.

A healthy puppy usually grows up to be a healthy dog, which can bring great health benefits to its owner.


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Puppies Are Basically Helpless At Birth:

There is no denying the fact that a newborn puppy is very cute. At birth, it is always deaf and blind, because their ear canals are always closed and their eyes shut.

These factors make them practically deaf and blind for a few weeks of their life. While newborn puppies miss these two important senses of survival, there are good reasons why they are born this way.

It’s because they need more time for ear canals and eyes to fully develop.  Throughout this development, the eyes need more protection from pathogens, dirt, and bright light. Bright light can damage their photoreceptors. A puppy’s eyes will fully mature in about two weeks. Their eyes will then open and they will be able to move around without hitting obstacles.

A puppy’s ear canals are closed at birth to allow its auditory system to also fully mature. This also helps to prevent any changes in a puppy’s ear pressure. The pressure is usually created by surrounding noises, which can move certain structures in their ear.

Furthermore, silence helps to protect the ears from damage. Their ears will open and mature around the same time their eyes open. However, the hearing will become acute after a further seven days.


Info Box

Puppies can’t see or hear for the first two weeks of their lives, but they can make puppy noises. – ( Source – )


Important Warning:

You should never force open a puppy’s eyes at birth or before they fully mature. The bright light will damage their photoreceptors as mentioned previously. You should never try to force their eyes open.

Although your puppy may be functionally blind and deaf at birth, its sense of touch, smell, and taste will be fully functional.


Puppies Can See Colors:

Many people believe that puppies only see in black and white. This is not 100% true. A puppy’s eye has two cones for detecting colors. This is unlike a human being who has three.

A puppy can differentiate colors on a yellow and blue scale, but not green and red. Furthermore, their night vision capabilities are far better than a human’s. In fact, they see things clearly at dawn and dusk.

If you are training your puppy, make sure to use different colors to see how they react. In most cases, dog trainers use difficult colors that dogs cannot easily detect such as the red color.

The purpose of doing this is to compel a puppy to use its nose. It is easier for it to detect yellow or light blue colors than red and certain shades of green.



We hope you enjoyed these fun facts about puppies. Human beings are ingrained to find puppies irresistible. If you own one, get to know more about it because it can help you take better care of it.  For example, your puppy can easily get jealous when they see you displaying affection towards somebody else and not them.


Estimated reading time: 6 minutes


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