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We hope that another of these great dog quotes for dog lovers, such as this one, will motivate and inspire you. We all need inspirational dog quotes reminding us how great it is to be a dog owner. In addition, the unconditional love and health benefits they bring into our lives.

With regards to the quote, I totally agree more with it. I still remember the time we got a new dog after we had a break when getting over the loss of our last dog. It was like the home had come alive again and the piece of the jigsaw had been found. Only dog owners can recognize this feeling.

As one who is also been involved in the rescue of dogs, I have lost count of the time that new owners have thanked us for bringing the new rescue dog into their lives. Sometimes, the dog can help to also rescue the new owners.



Great Dog Quotes - A house is not a home until it has a dog....... Gerald Durrell

A house is not a home until it has a dog……. Gerald Durrell

Gerald Durrell:  He was a British naturalist, author, conservationist, and television presenter. He founded the Jersey Zoo on the Channel Island of Jersey and set up the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. He wrote a number of books based around his life as an animal enthusiast and collector.


There are many things that are great about owning a dog, one of which is exercise. Exercise helps with depression, it helps with tension and it helps with weight management. It also helps with all of your other dog health concerns including allergy symptoms, skin issues, arthritis treatment, and joint or bone issues.

Exercise is something that you cannot do enough of in your daily life. This is because exercise helps you maintain a healthy balance between your mind and your body.

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12 thoughts on “Great Dog Quotes For Dog Lovers – A House Is…..”

  1. Thanks for this inspirational video Quote for dog lovers. Indeed, a house is not a home without a dog and this inspirational video quote, helps to remind me to know how important they are and how lovely they can be.

    I feel there is more to do for my dogs. Thanks for the article and I wish to see more of this from you

    • So glad that you enjoyed the video quote. Indeed most of us dog lovers need reminding of how they benefit us and how they can make a home that much better


  2. Using dog as a pet is a very good idea. If we have children in our house we have to maintain our total house in hygene conditions and also take care our dog. so that children play with dogs love them, they do not get any infection. 

    My father used to to say if we pet a dog and look after it, it will promote a nice message to children how to behave with elderly people in the house.

    • Madonna

      Love what your dad used to say, – ” if we pet a dog and look after it, it will promote a nice message to children how to behave with elderly people in the house.”


  3. Wow, I’m impressed and amazed about this video. It’s really for dog lovers and it brought back few memories about my late dog, it was very sad and I wish I could make a video about it. 

    I made a little detour around your site and I really love the work you are doing, it’s amazing. I can’t wait to read your next post about dogs. 

    • Ayodeji

      Thank you for your kind feedback about the site. It is deeply appreciated. So glad that loved the video. It makes all the hard work worthwile


  4. This is a great video cum article! I love it! It’s “doggie”! Dogs are amazing animals with lot of love and appreciation! Unlike human being dogs don’t forget your help, even after years! I was born into a family that love dogs and I grew up loving these great creatures. My first dog was named Jokoje. 

    These great inspirational quotes really motivate and inspire me. I can’t agree more with the quotes. If you love Dogs this video is absolutely for you. Check it out. Thanks for sharing this with us

    • Jay

      Great to hear from another dog lover. I totaly agree that it’s great growing up with dogs. Love your quote – ”  Dogs are amazing animals with lot of love and appreciation “


  5. Wow, this is really interesting. I love dogs because they are man’s best friend. They protect one’s interest like watching your valuables and its good to have them around. 

    Truly a house is not a home until there is a dog. I remember how I was down when we lost our first dog and how lively I came back with a new dog. Not all persons like a dog but I really do a lot. Thank you for this post.

    • Kinggold

      As an avid dog lover, I am glad that you also love dogs. They bring us many health benefits and we are a lot of the times, better people because of having them around.


  6. Hello and thank you for this informative article. I really enjoyed reading it and also checking the video you recommended. You are indeed right. There is something about a dogs that we always associate with our homes. By the way, I was unaware about Mr. Durrel’s work untill I read your article.

    He clearly loved animals and is such a great thing that he even founded Jersey Zoo.



    • Hi Strahinja

      So glad that you enjoyed the video and the content.  It appears that visitors  to the site, really enjoy the background to the autor of the quote and that will be continued.


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