Inspirational Dog Quote – No Matter How

These are unprecedented times and we do hope that this inspirational dog quote can help you in some way.  We hope that the following inspirational quote for dog lovers, in video and picture formats, will remind you how great it is to own a dog and also the health benefits that they bring to our lives.

The particular life lesson from this motivational dog quote is that when the bills are high and the money’s low, the company, and loyalty of your dog will mean so much more. We are all trying to cope with the daily battle called life, with its ups and downs, that none of us can avoid.

Inspirational Video Dog Quote:

Inspiring Picture Quote For Dog Lovers:

inspirational dog quotes - Louis Sabin quote

No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you feel rich……….. Louis Sabin

Louis Sabin:   He is an author and editor who was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was educated at New York University, where he obtained his Master of Arts, degree.  He is the author of over 160 books, which include “Wilbur and Orville Wright ” and ” Wonders of the Sea “. In addition, he has contributed to many professional journals.


Did you know this amazing fact about our beloved pets:

I have always wondered about this particular fact. When my dog gets a treat, it takes it to another area of the room or outside to eat it. The reason behind this behavior is, to them, you are the alpha ( leader) of the pack and they would rather eat the food or eat it in private, and they do not try to steal your own food.

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4 thoughts on “Inspirational Dog Quote – No Matter How”

  1. Nice!

    I love dogs too.

    In fact interestingly enough I was just looking at different dog breeds that would make the best pet because I am interested in getting another dog.  

    I’m thinking that labs look like a good choice over all, my only issue with labs is that they tend to smell!

    Maybe there’s a way to keep them extra fresh and clean so they smell awesome all the time.  

    I wonder if there’s any dog perfume or cologne available out there?

    Or maybe if you could make your dog smell like clean sheets or something?

    What kind of dogs do you have?

    • Justin

      Thank you for your post. So glad you are thinking of getting a dog. If possible, please adopt and don’t shop (my motto). Dogs bring so many health benefits to us as owners.

      I am surprised that you think that labs smell.  I think all dogs will smell if they are active and out and about, getting into water or bushes.  However, the problem can also be down to a medical issue and as always, it is best to speak to your vet.

      There are actually dog perfumes you can use. Click Here to have a look at this one. Hope this helps.


  2. No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog make you feel rich. Such a nice and encouraging quote filled with hope. I am a dog lover so seeing this post has really elevated me in a very wonderful way. I feel so proud and pompous right now.(lolz). Thanks for this quote.

    • Sheddy

      So glad that the content made you feel good. Love the way you put it – ” seeing this post has really elevated me in a very wonderful way.”  Thank you.


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