Inspirational Video Dog Quote – Dogs Are Not.

We very much hope that this special inspirational video dog quote, in video and picture formats, will remind you how great it is to own a dog and also the health benefits that they bring to our lives.

These are changing, uncertain and unprecedented times and we do hope that these inspirational quotes for dog lovers can help you in some way.  We are all fighting the daily battle called life,  and as an avid dog lover, I find that inspirational and famous quotes for dog lovers remind me not to give up on myself and on life. Take care of yourself.

Inspirational Video Quote For Dog Lovers:


Inspirational Picture Quote For Dog Lovers:

roger caras quote - inspirational picture quote for dog lovers

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole………… Roger Caras

Roger Caras: He was an American writer, wildlife photographer, and wildlife preservationist, who was born in Methuen, Massachusetts. He was featured on Nightline and ABC World News. He went on to become the president of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


Health Benefits For Dog Owners:

They Can Help With Depression.

They can make bad days more bearable as I can verify many times. Coming home to a big smile and a wagging tail does cheer you up so much and you tend to forget the woes of the day, fairly quickly.

Indeed, research has shown that dog owners are less prone to depression than those that have no dogs.

They Help Keep You Active:

Most dog owners like to be out and about with their dogs. This helps to keep you both fit and active and this is so beneficial as we get older. It means fewer health issues and again, research has proven this to be so true.

They Help With Our Social Life:

As we get older, and for a lot of people, our social contacts tend to get less and less and for some people, they actually can feel quite isolated. Dog lovers out with their dogs, find it so much easier to strike up a conversation, by sharing stories or dog quotes.


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8 thoughts on “Inspirational Video Dog Quote – Dogs Are Not.”

  1. My kids are grown and have left our home, and it is now just my husband and myself in the house. Lately I have been thinking about whether or not to get a dog. We enjoyed having the last one, before he died. He used to sit under my chair while I read, and would wait at the front of the yard when I came home late form my gigs. You are right. there is just a little something that dogs add to our lives. I’ll be working on getting one. Thanks

    • JJ

      Thank you for your kind post and for sharing your story. As an avid dog lover, I could not imagine life without one. They are the greatest listeners around and they unconditional love.  You described it perfectly – ” He used to sit under my chair while I read, and would wait at the front of the yard when I came home late from my gigs.” 

      I wish to well in your search. All I ask is ” Adopt, Don’t Shop” Take Care


  2. There is so much information on your website, I didn1t know where to start…..I am wondering if you couldn`t make 2 websites out of all the information. I would like to have read about some personal experiences you have had with some of the dogs you have owned and have now and perhaps even something YOU have written about a special dog in your life that has passed on.

    You have a very comprehensive website with something for everyone and plenty of videos. Even as a former dog owner, there was plenty of reading to hold my attention. It almost made me want to go out and purchase another dog.

    • Murray

      Thank you so much for your kind and positive comments about the website. You have given me things to think about and I thank you for this.

      Glad you enjoyed the content to date


  3. Hey nice article you have there. Your video is so inspiring. Dogs are the most friendly animals I have ever seen, they don’t betray their friendship. The warm welcome my Rottweiler gives me each time I come back from job, always makes me forget about the stress I passed through at work. She is always fun to be with and I am very happy I have her as a pet.

    • edahnewton1

      So glad that you enjoyed the content. It’s great to hear the enjoyment and love that your dog gives to you. They also bring great health benefits to us as dog owners.


  4. Hello, thank you for this post, my grandma made me like dogs, because it was just me and her living together in quite a quite environment, this made the dog a huge part of us, we eat at same time, he always sits beside my grandma chair, this post just bought those memory back. I quite miss him and I think I should get one soon for my self.

    • Jomata

      Thank you kindly for your post and for sharing your story. I am glad that the content brought back happy memories. I totally agree – ” made the dog a huge part of us. ”  It reminds me of another quote by Gerald Durrell – ” A house is not a home until it has a dog. “


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